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2011-12 Distinguished Campus service Award: Anthony Norman

Anthony W. Norman

Anthony W. Norman
Professor of the Graduate Division

The Committee is pleased to nominate Distinguished Professor of the Graduate Division Anthony Norman of the Department of Biochemistry as a recipient of the DISTINGUISHED CAMPUS SERVICE AWARD for the academic year 2011-2012.

Professor Norman has been a member of the faculty at UCR since the late 1960s. He was a major influence on the original Biomedical Sciences Program, and also on the development of the UCR School of Medicine proposal. He retired as Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry in 2005. His current position is Distinguished Professor of the Graduate Division, signifying that he is still an active researcher. His contributions to the campus and Academic Senate prior to his retirement were considerable. Here, however, we will speak only of his contributions since 2005, which are greater than many faculty contribute in their entire academic careers. Since his formal “retirement” Professor Norman has made major service contributions to UCR both within the Academic Senate, in various administrative activities, and in several cases with both Senate and administrative dimensions.

Prior to retirement, he was Director of the Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology (CMDB) Graduate Program and remained in that position until 2008. He served as Vice-Chair of the CNAS Executive Committee 2005-2007 and the UCR Health Affairs Committee 2007-2009. During this period he also began working on creation on the UCR campus of the academic title “Professor of the Graduate Division”. This position is a title for which retired faculty members may apply if they are still active in their research activities and graduate education. It has existed on the Berkeley campus since the 1990s and can replace the title of “emeritus” which is historically an honorific title but unfortunately has come to carry the implication that the faculty member is no longer active in academic life. With persistence and help from a few other senior faculty, Professor Norman was able to get this title formally approved in 2011.

Professor Norman’s contributions to the Academic Senate during this period have been truly extraordinary. He was Chair of the System-wide Committee on Academic Personnel (UCAP) 2005-2006, a member of the UCR Planning and Budget Committee 2005-2008 (Chair and UCR representative to the all-UC Planning and Budget Committee 2006-2008). In 2008 he was elected to a two-year term as Chair of the UCR Academic Senate and with that position came many other high-profile activities – (i) UCR Representative to the System-wide Senate Academic Council 2008-2010 (he was also a member of the Council 2007-2008 while serving as Chair of UCAP); (ii) Chair of the Executive Committee of the UCR Senate; (iii) Chair of the System-wide Senate’s ad hoc Compendium Committee; (iv) Senate Representative to the UCR Chancellor’s Cabinet and the UCR Accreditation Steering Committee; (v) Vice-Chair of the UCR Long Range Planning Steering Committee in 2009-2010. Lastly, he has served as President of the UCR Emeriti Association and as Representative to the System-wide Council of UC Emeriti Associations. 2010-2012.

Another major contribution Professor Norman has made to the campus of the last few years, with connections both within and without the Senate, has been in facilitating the WASC re-accreditation exercise. Professor Norman was a key player, serving on various committees, reviewing the various reports put forward to WASC, and rounding up faculty and organizing sessions and meetings during the two visits by the WASC External Review Team. In particular, he labored long and hard to get the Senate behind, and then departments to follow, the WASC request that we establish Learning Outcomes for every undergraduate major and assess the extent to which these outcomes were being achieved by students in those majors. He also was instrumental in helping to bring to fruition was the campus move to a fully electronic system of course evaluations. Again, he led the charge in the various committees of the Academic Senate, and was instrumental in convincing the Administration to release grades early to those students who had filled out course evaluations – a carrot that has greatly increased student participation in electronic evaluations. In a related effort, Professor Norman was in efforts to establish a PhotoRoster system at UCR – a system whereby every instructor is offered a list of student photos attached to the names of everyone on the class enrollment list. This step required action by several committees of the Academic Senate, and, once again, he worked tirelessly to ensure passage. The system was piloted for a year and was just officially released to the faculty this year.

Respectfully submitted: E. Barr, C. Lovatt, R. Redak, T. Shapiro, H. W. Green, Chair

2011-12 Distinguished Campus service Award: Dan Hare

Dan Hare

Dan Hare
Professor Emeritus

The Committee is pleased to nominate Professor Daniel Hare of the Department of Entomology as a recipient of the DISTINGUISHED CAMPUS SERVICE AWARD for the academic year 2011-2012.

Professor Hare has been making major contributions to the Department of Entomology and the UCR Academic Senate since the mid-1990s. He served with distinction as the Vice Chair of Entomology for 7 years (1997-2004). In that capacity, Dr. Hare’s primary role was to administer the Department teaching assignments. During that period, Entomology faculty doubled their student contact hours by increasing the number of offerings of their service courses, cross-listing courses with other departments, and assuming teaching responsibilities for a significant fraction of the Introductory Biology course series (BIOL 5A,B,C. During this time, Dr. Hare also was responsible for coordinating the Graduate Review of the Entomology program – a task that required preparation of a document detailing the performance of the department (more than 570 pages in total), coordination of local arrangements, and preparation of the Department’s response to the review. In addition and still as vice-chair, Dr. Hare was on the committees involved in all phase of planning, design, and construction of a new Entomology Building and 12,000 sq. feet of new greenhouse space. His focus, attention to detail, and meticulous service throughout the several year period of the design and construction of these buildings ensured that the department received well planned and well constructed buildings.

Professor Hare’s contributions to the Academic Senate have been equally distinguished, although much of it was below the radar of most of us. He served on the Committee on Charges (1998-2002), followed by Privilege and Tenure (2003-2008), serving as Chair and System-Wide representative for the last two years of that period. He followed the period on P&T with service on the Grievance Consultation Panel for several more years. All of these committees are highly confidential in their function and no one gains notoriety from service on them. Nevertheless the entire faculty benefits considerably from the dedicated service of those to carry this load for the rest of us.

Beginning in 2009, Professor Hare initiated service on both the Faculty Welfare and Academic Freedom Committees (2009-present). In the former case he has also served on the System-Wide Committee on Faculty Welfare and currently is Vice Chair of that committee. He will serve as Chair of the Committee for 2012-13 which also provides him a seat on the Academic Council of the All-UC Senate. As all faculty are aware, these committees have taken on very important roles in the hard times that have befallen the UC System in general and UCR in particular. Professor Hare has been a leader at both the local and System-Wide levels in formulating important policies such as those relating to restarting contributions to the retirement system and establishing a fair and viable revision of post-employment benefits.

There are few faculty on campus who have served all levels of the University as efficiently and in so many capacities as Professor Hare. He is analytical and highly organized. He commands respect for his fairness, his insight, and his ability to cut to the heart of an issue and generate a solution. He is low-key in his approach which enables him to work effectively with a wide range of individuals and personalities.

These many service activities accepted continuously for many years demonstrate Dr. Hare’s extraordinary dedication to UCR and to the University.

Respectfully submitted: E. Barr, C. Lovatt, R. Redak, T. Shapiro, H. W. Green, Chair

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