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The Edward A. Dickson Emeritus/a Professorship

2011-12 The Edward A. Dickson Emeritus/a Professorship Award: Edward G. Platzer

Edward G. Platzer

Edward G. Platzer
Professor Emeritus

Professor Ed Platzer is the 2011 UC-Riverside recipient of the Edward A. Dickson Award. Dr. Platzer’s life-long work has been to develop a system for the natural control of mosquitoes. His focus has been on the use of nematodes (any unsegmented worm of the phylum, or class, Nematoda, having a tough outer cuticle.) Dr. Platzer’s Edward Dickson project is to transfer technology for rearing of Mermithid nematodes and to implement their use for the natural control of mosquitoes in the developing country of Benin, West Africa. The foundational studies have demonstrated that young larval mosquitoes can be infected by free-swimming infectious juveniles of the Mermithid nematodes which eventually results in the death of the larval mosquito (the desired outcome), thereby providing natural control of mosquito populations. The monetary award of the Dickson Award will be used to assist Dr. Platzer and collaborators in designing a facility for Mermithid propagation at the Universite d’Abomey-Calvi, Godomey, Benin and to support Dr. Platzer’s travel to Benin to oversee the establishment of the rearing facility. Dr. Platzer was a recipient of a Distinguished Teaching Award in 2004 –’05. He plans to continue teaching in Biology 157 (Parasitology) and Biology 159 (Biology of Nematodes).

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