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Distinguished Teaching Award

2010–11 Distinguished Teaching Award Recipients

Peter Sadler

Peter M. Sadler

Peter M. Sadler
Earth Sciences

Professor Peter Sadler came to U.C. Riverside in 1976 and has excelled in his dedication to both classroom teaching and working outside the classroom to evaluate teaching effectiveness. Dr. Sadler demands rigor from both himself and his students in all of his classes. No one would ever say his courses are “easy” or “soft.”

Dr. Sadler doesn’t just teach Geology, but “uses Geology to teach students how to think – how to recognize problems and figure out solutions and very significantly, how to articulate the results and interpretations.” As one undergraduate student commented, “My learning has improved with his teaching.” One of his colleagues commented that “Pete’s teaching style inspires the motivated students but does not abandon the ones that require a great deal of help. I get the distinct impression that some students have never before been inspired to work at such a level in college, and the resultant boost to these students’ confidence is something that they take with them for the rest of their careers.”

Dr. Sadler strongly believes that good writing is the key to success and was one of the first, and remains one of the few in the sciences, to incorporate extensive writing exercises in all of his classes, including large enrollment classes like GEO 001. He personally spends untold amounts of time editing student writing.

Laboratory sections of most lower-division undergraduate courses at U.C. Riverside are managed by teaching assistants. Dr. Sadler recognizes the importance of the lab sections in linking the lecture material to the hands-on experience from the lab and therefore, attends nearly every lab section for his classes. This allows the laboratories to be packed with activities, which include inquiry-based learning, group discussions, and field trips.

The extensive submission of letters from undergraduate and graduate students, post-graduates, and faculty all attest that Peter Sadler’s dedication and passion to teaching is genuinely special.

Conrad Rudolph

Conrad Rudolph

Conrad Rudolph
Distinguished Professor
Art History

Professor Conrad Rudolph came to U.C. Riverside, Department of History of Art in 1991 and has enthralled students throughout his career. He is known to be a demanding instructor with an “old school style” yet is able to engage students to understand the complex relationships between medieval images and theological texts. He teaches a broad range of courses, including “The Art of Greece,” “History of Western Art: Prehistory to Byzantine,” and “The Art of Early Medieval Europe.” One student commented that Professor Rudolph’s lectures in “Pilgrimage Art of Romanesque France” were “…challenging, interesting, and inspiring. I feel privileged to be in his class.” To quote another student, “What I think it comes down to is that Professor Rudolph is so passionate about his classes, the subjects he teaches, and the success of his students that he is able to capture the attention of his students and make them eager to learn.”

Similar comments recur throughout the letters and teaching evaluations submitted by undergraduate and graduate students. It is clear from the many letters of nomination that Professor Conrad Rudolph is a “dynamic lecturer, brilliant art historian, and supportive teacher” and worthy of the Distinguished Teaching Award.

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