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COR Research Fellowships Recipients 2013-2014

Recipients of the COR Research Fellowships

The Committee on Research of the Riverside Division of the Academic Senate is pleased to announce the recipients of the COR Research Fellowships for 2013-2014.

COR Research Fellowships constitute a fellowship program administered by the Academic Senate Committee on Research.  Eligibility is restricted to tenured members of the Academic Senate. At least half of these fellowships will be reserved for Associate Professors.

COR Research Fellowships are intended to assist tenured faculty to develop new major research projects. Funds can be used for research-related travel, the purchase of research-related equipment and supplies, research assistance, support for attendance and participation in professional meetings, and a maximum of one course buy-out. Funds may not be used for summer salary. Recipients must submit an extramural grant application within two years of receiving a COR Research Fellowship. Those who do not will be disqualified from applying for another COR Research Fellowship for five years.


Recipients of the COR Research Fellowships


David Swanson, Professor, Sociology - $4,500.00
Measuring Health Status for Populations with Incomplete Census & Vital Statistics Information: Estimating Life expectancy at Birth

Khaleel A. Razak, Associate Professor, Psychology - $9,000.00
Long-term consequences of temporary hearing loss to auditory cortical processing

Ayala L. N. Rao, Professor, Microbiology and Plant Pathology - $4,500.00
Coupling of genetics and proteomics in analyzing virus-host interactions regulating pathogenesis

Thomas Sy, Associate Professor, Psychology - $2,250.00
The art of followership

Katharine Sweeny, Professor, Psychology - $4,500.00
Waiting to Conceive

Alfredo M. Mirande, Distinguished Professor, Sociology - $4,500.00
"Behind the Mask": An Indigenous Third Gender

Tuppett Yates, Professor, Psychology - $7,500.00
Systems of Representation, Regulation, and Adjustment during Middle Childhood

Ameae M. Walker, Vice Provost, Biomedical Sciences - $4,500.00
The importance of milk prolactin to normal neonatal development

Marko Princevac, Professor, Mechanical Engineering - $7,500.00
Impact of Air-Lubrication on Propulsion Efficiency

John M. Heraty, Professor, Entomology - $9,000.00

Juliette Levy, Associate Professor, History - $2,250.00
In The Shadow Of Giants: Credit, Intermediaries and Informal Markets In The Mexican Revolution, 1910-1917

Dimitrios Morikis, Professor, Bioengineering - $4,500.00
Development of diagnostics for the detection of complement-mediated autoinflammatory diseases

Linda J. Tomko, Associate Professor, Dance - $9,000.00
Twilight of the Sun King: Baroque Dance, Song, and Music at the End of a Reign

Erith Jaffe-Berg, Professor, Theatre, Film & Digital Production - $2,250.00
"Under the Happy Shadow and Divine Protection:" Jewish Theatre in Mantua, 1520 - 1650

Augustine J. Kposowa, Professor, Sociology - $9,000.00
A Regression Approach for Estimating Life Expectancy in African Countries with Truncated Census and Registration Data

Jason E. Stajich, Professor, Microbiology and Plant Pathology - $7,500.00
Development of a genetic transformation system and mutant screening in the amphibian pathogenic chytrid fungus.

Linda L. Walling, Professor, Botany and Plant Sciences - $2,250.00
To Die or Not to Die - Dissecting Whitefly Resistance in Alfalfa

Jan B. Blacher, Distinguished Professor, Graduate School of Education - $4,500.00
Adolescents with ASD: Bullying and mental health

Venugopala Reddy Gonehal, Associate Professor, Botany and Plant Sciences - $7,500.00
Understanding the origins of developmental complexity in plant stem cell niche through real time visualization of nascent transcripts

Aaron Seitz, Professor, Psychology - $7,500.00
A neurotherapeutic approach to attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder

Juliann E. Allison, Associate Professor, Gender and Sexuality Studies - $9,000.00
Parallel Crises and Policy Convergence: The Political Economy of Natural Gas Fracking in North America

Farah Godrej, Associate Professor, Political Science - $2,250.00
The “Materialist” Mahatma: Principle, Practice and Everyday Activity in Gandhi’s Political Thought

Yadong Yin, Professor, Chemistry - $4,500.00
Interface Engineering for Tuning Pore Alignment in Mesoporous Thin Films

Kelly Huffman-Neal, Associate Professor, Psychology - $9,000.00
Neurobiology of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: epigenetics and transgerational effects

Paulo Chagas, Professor, Music - $7,500.00
Audiovisual Composition

Emma Wilson, Professor, Biomedical Sciences - $7,500.00
Glutamate Control in the Infected Brain

Umar Mohideen, Professor, Physics and Astronomy - $4,500.00
Measurement of Confinement Entropic Forces Using Polymers

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