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COR Research Fellowships Recipients 2014-2015

Recipients of the COR Research Fellowships

The Committee on Research of the Riverside Division of the Academic Senate is pleased to announce the recipients of the COR Research Fellowships for 2014-2015.

COR Research Fellowships constitute a fellowship program administered by the Academic Senate Committee on Research.  Eligibility is restricted to tenured members of the Academic Senate. At least half of these fellowships will be reserved for Associate Professors.

COR Research Fellowships are intended to assist tenured faculty to develop new major research projects. Funds can be used for research-related travel, the purchase of research-related equipment and supplies, research assistance, support for attendance and participation in professional meetings, and a maximum of one course buy-out. Funds may not be used for summer salary. Recipients must submit an extramural grant application within two years of receiving a COR Research Fellowship. Those who do not will be disqualified from applying for another COR Research Fellowship for five years.


Recipients of the COR Research Fellowships


Malcolm Baker, Distinguished Professor, Art History - $6,500.00
Authorial Images: Literary Portraits and Changing Concepts of Authorship during the Long Eighteenth Century (1660-1830)

Francisco Zaera, Distinguished Professor, Chemistry - $4,500.00
External-Stimuli-Responsive Mesoporous Materials

Travis William Stanton, Professor, Anthropology - $11,000.00
Preliminary Household Excavations at the Archaeological Site of Coba, Quintana Roo

Charles Russell Hille, Distinguished Professor, Biochemistry - $6,500.00
Studies of formate dehydrogenase from R. eutropha

Wenwan Zhong, Professor, Chemistry - $11,000.00
Discovery of virus-binding aptamers

Heidi Brevik-Zender, Associate Professor, Comparative Literature and Languages - $6,500.00
“The Women Who Built France: Architecture in Art”

Kirill Shtengel, Professor, Physics and Astronomy - $11,000.00
Novel hybrid Superconductor/Quantum Hall architecture for quantum devices

Xuan Liu, Professor, Biochemistry - $6,500.00
Impariment of p53 tumor suppressor function in diabetes

Richard J. Hooley, Professor, Chemistry - $6,500.00
Cell Surface Engineering Using Membrane Bound Host Molecules

Agnieszka Jaworska, Associate Professor, Philosophy - $6,500.00
Frontotemporal Dementia and the Conceptual Analysis of the Capacity to Love and Care

Jun Li, Associate Professor, Statistics - $6,500.00
Combining Hypothesis Testing Procedures Based on Data Depth

Jianlin Liu, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering - $4,500.00
ZnO semiconductor nonvolatile memory

Jorge Silva-Risso, Professor, Area of Marketing - $4,500.00
Regulating Indirect Auto Finance

Peter Hickmott, Associate Professor, Psychology - $11,000.00
Neuronal Correlates of Paternal Behavior in the Medial Preoptic Area

Roya Zandi, Professor, Physics and Astronomy - $6,500.00
Self-assembly of immature HIV particles

Sarjeet S. Gill, Professor, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology - $11,000.00
Characterization of Mosquitocidal Toxins from Clostridium bifermentans

Christiane Weirauch, Professor, Entomology - $11,000.00
From microbes to salivary proteins and the evolution of kissing bugs: using phylogenomic methods to shed light on a group of human disease vectors

Guillermo Aguilar, Professor, Mechanical Engineering - $4,500.00
Synthesis of Multiphase Metallic Oxides by Femtosecond Laser Irradiation of Metallic Thin Films

Jennifer Hughes, Associate Professor, History - $6,500.00
“Day of the Dead and the Invention of Public Religion in California”

Sang-Hee Lee, Professor, Anthropology - $11,000.00
Patterns of Human Evolution in Northeast Asia

Valentine Vullev, Professor, Bioengineering - $6,500.00
Bioinspired molecular electrets for multiscale functional materials

Margarita C. Curras-Collazo, Associate Professor, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology - $11,000.00
Effects of Soybean Oil on Gut-Brain Axis

Victor G. J. Rodgers, Professor, Bioengineering - $6,500.00
Overexpression of Aquaporins May Contribute to Cancer Cell Susceptibility to Ascorbate Therapy

Connie Nugent, Associate Professor, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology - $4,500.00
Investigating the intersection between telomere capping and the DDK

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