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COR Research Fellowships Recipients 2015-2016

Recipients of the COR Research Fellowships

The Committee on Research of the Riverside Division of the Academic Senate is pleased to announce the recipients of the COR Research Fellowships for 2015-2016.

COR Research Fellowships constitute a fellowship program administered by the Academic Senate Committee on Research.  Eligibility is restricted to tenured members of the Academic Senate. At least half of these fellowships will be reserved for Associate Professors.

COR Research Fellowships are intended to assist tenured faculty to develop new major research projects. Funds can be used for research-related travel, the purchase of research-related equipment and supplies, research assistance, support for attendance and participation in professional meetings, and a maximum of one course buy-out. Funds may not be used for summer salary. Recipients must submit an extramural grant application within two years of receiving a COR Research Fellowship. Those who do not will be disqualified from applying for another COR Research Fellowship for five years.


Recipients of the COR Research Fellowships


Joel L. Sachs, Professor, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology - $9,000.00
Recovering optimal underground traits in the domesticated cowpea

Jocelyn G. Millar, Distinguished Professor, Entomology - $9,000.00
Identification and development of pheromonal attractants for click beetles (Coleoptera: Elateridae), a family of major agricultural pests

Christina Schwenkel, Associate Professor, Anthropology - $9,000.00
The Afterlife of Housing: Vietnamese Migrants and the Rehabilitation of Socialist Architecture in Eastern Germany

Walter Clark, Distinguished Professor, Music - $9,000.00
From Darkness into Light: Music and the Life of JoaquĆ­n Rodrigo

Katharine Sweeny, Professor, Psychology - $6,500.00
Optimizing the Delivery of Medical Test Results

Khaleel A. Razak, Associate Professor, Psychology - $9,000.00
Adaptations for scorpion venom resistance in the pallid bat

Masaru Rao, Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering - $9,000.00
Advanced titanium microneedle device development for painless insulin injection

Timothy Higham, Associate Professor, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology - $5,000.00
The ecomechanics of extreme specialization: morphological and ecological factors shaping high-speed ballistic predator attacks and prey evasion

Stephen Sohn, Professor, English - $5,000.00
War Everlasting: The Militarized Technogeometries of Korean American Literature

Todd Fiacco, Associate Professor, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology - $6,500.00
Regulation of neuronal excitability through rapid modulation of astrocyte glutamate uptake

Ben Bishin, Professor, Political Science - $5,000.00
Opinion Backlash or Elite Mobilization: Explaining Attitude Change on Gay Rights

Linda L. Walling, Professor, Botany and Plant Sciences - $6,500.00
Transforming whitefly biology - Development of key genetic technologies for a world-wide pest

Fariba Zarinebaf, Professor, History - $6,500.00
Encounter & Empire: French Trade, Transnational Subjects and Fluid Identities in the Port of Galata, 1750--1850

Morris Maduro, Professor, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology - $5,000.00
Identifying the genetic causes of fat storage in a novel invertebrate model for obesity

Lan Duong, Associate Professor, Media and Cultural Studies - $9,000.00
"'In the Mouth of a Shark'": Vietnamese and Syrian Refugees After French Colonialism"

Theodore Garland Jr., Distinguished Professor, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology - $9,000.00
Role of the Microbiome in Physical Activity and Energy Balance

Susan Zieger, Professor, English - $5,000.00
Logistical Subjects

Amanda Lucia, Associate Professor, Religious Studies - $6,500.00
Spiritual Nomads: Creating Yogic Selves and Spirituality in Festival Spaces

Michael C. Pirrung, Distinguished Professor, Chemistry - $6,500.00
Preparation and Mode of Action of Teixobactin, an Antibiotic Bacteria Can't Resist

Andrea Denny-Brown, Associate Professor, English - $6,500.00
Criminal Ornament: Aesthetic Misbehavior in the Fifteenth Century

Qingfang Wang, Professor, School of Public Policy - $5,000.00
Transnational Migration of the Highly-Skilled in Higher Education: A Case Study between U.S. and China

Thomas Cogswell, Professor, History - $5,000.00
John Felton and the Assassination of the Duke of Buckingham

John T. Trumble, Distinguished Professor, Entomology - $6,500.00
Effects of reclaimed water on honey bees, pollination, and pollination services in California

Patricia A. Morton, Associate Professor, Art History - $6,500.00
Paying for the Public Life: Charles Moore's Critique of the Postwar Public Realm

Jennifer Najera, Associate Professor, Ethnic Studies - $5,000.00
Undocumented Pedagogy: The Politics of Education

Carolyn B. Murray, Professor, Psychology - $5,000.00
The Role of Anxiety in Self-Handicapping Behavior

Jan B. Blacher, Distinguished Professor, Graduate School of Education - $6,500.00
Emerging co-regulatory processes in parent-child interactions: Children with intellectual disabilities, typical cognitive development and autism spectrum disorder

Yenna Wu, Professor, Comparative Literature and Languages - $5,000.00
Voices Against State Aggression and Amnesia in Selected Chinese Narratives and Films About Mao-era Political Repression

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