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COR Research Fellowships Recipients 2017-2018

Recipients of the COR Research Fellowships

The Committee on Research of the Riverside Division of the Academic Senate is pleased to announce the recipients of the COR Research Fellowships for 2017-2018.

COR Research Fellowships constitute a fellowship program administered by the Academic Senate Committee on Research.  Eligibility is restricted to tenured members of the Academic Senate. At least half of these fellowships will be reserved for Associate Professors.

COR Research Fellowships are intended to assist tenured faculty to develop new major research projects. Funds can be used for research-related travel, the purchase of research-related equipment and supplies, research assistance, support for attendance and participation in professional meetings, and a maximum of one course buy-out. Funds may not be used for summer salary. Recipients must submit an extramural grant application within two years of receiving a COR Research Fellowship. Those who do not will be disqualified from applying for another COR Research Fellowship for five years.


Recipients of the COR Research Fellowships


Ruhi Khan, Associate Professor, Media and Cultural Studies - $5,000.00
Digital Asia: Minority Voices and Reconstruction of Political Public Sphere

Elaine D. Haberer, Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering - $5,000.00
Compact, dome-shaped optical biosensors

Todd Fiacco, Associate Professor, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology - $5,000.00
Generating new knowledge on brain disease mechanisms by altering gene expression in reactive astrocytes

Kimberly A. Hammond, Professor, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology - $5,000.00
Proteomics of Mice at High altitude

Guillermo Aguilar, Professor, Mechanical Engineering - $5,000.00
Optically-activated Antibacterial Coatings for the Medical Implants

Ameae M. Walker, Vice Provost, Biomedical Sciences - $5,000.00
Prolactin and Ovarian Cancer

Katharine Sweeny, Professor, Psychology - $5,000.00
Waiting Mindfully: Testing a Mindfulness Intervention During the Wait for Biopsy Results

Bahman Anvari, Professor, Bioengineering - $5,000.00
Mechanobiology of Ovarian Cancer Cells

Amy Litt, Associate Professor, Botany and Plant Sciences - $6,000.00
Making Sense of Manzanitas

Jennifer Merolla, Professor, Political Science - $5,000.00
Corruption, Crime, Gender Stereotypes, and Sex-Specific Accountability

Cecilia Ayon, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy - $6,000.00
Growing up in a restrictive immigrant policy climate: Latino children's role in the Ethnic-Racial Socialization Process

Kirill Shtengel, Professor, Physics and Astronomy - $5,000.00
Cold atoms in synthetic fields and dimensions as a novel platform for quantum computation

David D. Oglesby, Professor, Earth Sciences - $6,000.00
Integration of 3D Printing, VR, and AR in Geoscience Education and Outreach

Djurdjica Coss, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences - $5,000.00
Obesity-induced Neuroinflammation Hampers Hypothalamic Functions

Jonathan Ritter, Associate Professor, Music - $6,000.00
Hemispheric Dimensions of Nueva Cancion

Jana Grittersova, Associate Professor, Political Science - $5,000.00

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