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2012-13 Doctoral Dissertation Mentoring Award

The 2012–13 Doctoral Dissertation Mentoring Award: Distinguished Professor David Funder

David C. Funder

David C. Funder
Distinguished Professor

Dr. Funder is a Distinguished Professor of Psychology. He received his Ph.D. from Stanford University, and held faculty positions at the University of Illinois Urbana- Champaign, Harvard University and Harvey Mudd College before joining UCR as an Associate Professor in 1989. He is a leader in the field of personality psychology, with his research funded primarily by grants from the NSF and NIMH. Among numerous Award for Distinguished Research in Psychology.

Dr. Funder’s students emphasize how he is always available and responsive to them. Importantly, he “considers each student’s unique strengths and abilities in his interactions with them.” In part through the weekly lab meetings he holds, he teaches students “how to conduct interesting research and to communicate findings to others”. He is said to be exceptional at “training his students to work independently at the level of a colleague.” Many commented on how the skills they learned from Dr. Funder allowed them to go on to be outstanding teachers, communicators and mentors in their own careers. As described by one former non-traditional student, “no matter what curves I threw at Dr. Funder, he was able to provide excellent mentoring and advice to me. His advice has led me to a career where I am successful and extremely happy. This would not have happened had he not been such a flexible, supportive, and caring advisor.” Several examples were also given that illustrate the ways in which Dr. Funder continues to mentor and advocate for his students after they have moved on from UCR. In sum, all enthusiastically agreed that Dr. Funder is a “caring, dedicated, and extremely skilled mentor” who richly deserves this award.

The 2012–13 Doctoral Dissertation Mentoring Award: Professor Eamonn Keogh

Eamonn Keogh

Eamonn Keogh
Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Keogh is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. He joined UCR in 2001 after receiving a Ph.D. from UC Irvine. His research specializes in data mining, and he has a long publication record that illustrates his ability to come up with innovative solutions to problems. His research has been funded by NSF since 2003 when he received a NSF Career Award, as well as by additional sources such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. In 2008, he was named a University Scholar.

Dr. Keogh’s students describe him as brilliant, passionate about his research, and highly dedicated and caring toward his students. They cite the extensive, near daily interactions he has with his students as an important aspect of his mentoring. A common sentiment is that “he inspires us to think deeply and conduct thorough experiments.” As described by one student, he teaches them “how to abstract and break down tough problems, how to identify simple yet powerful solutions, and … how to present their work in an engaging, clear and coherent way.” He gives students “lifelong skills to be a better teacher, researcher, and mentor.” He does not give up on students when they are down, but rather works with them to instill confidence and helps them to reach their potential. Dr. Keogh pays close attention to the professional development of his students, including arranging mock interviews for them as they prepare to look for jobs. His former students have moved on to successful careers in academia and at companies such as Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo! Labs. His mentorship throughout their education and careers is highly lauded and appreciated. As one student summed up, “Dr. Keogh is the kind of advisor/ mentor that I want to be. I would consider myself successful if I would be half as good a teacher, a researcher, or a mentor, as Dr. Keogh.”

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