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Faculty Research Lecturer

The 2017–2018 Faculty Research Lecturer

Timothy W. Lyons
Distinguished Professor
Earth Sciences

From its inception well over half a century ago, the Faculty Research Lecturer Award has been the highest honor that the Academic Senate bestows. The Committee listed below, composed of five previous Faculty Research Lecturers, is delighted to nominate, Timothy Lyons, Distinguished Professor of Biogeochemistry for this honor for the year 2017-2018

Nine exceptional faculty members across all the three Colleges at the University were placed for the nomination. The committee is extremely impressed by the very high academic, research and professional activities across the different disciplines represented. The committee selected Professor Timothy Lyons for his demonstrated accomplishments in the fields of geochemistry and geobiology. Professor Lyons has been nationally and internationally recognized for his contributions to biogeochemistry. In 2016, he was referenced in over 2100 journal papers in top international journals. Since 2005, Professor Lyons produced 27 publications in Science and Nature. Beyond participation in national and international conferences, Professor Lyons has received invitations for over 70 lectures at academic institutions since 2005, including the first-ever Agassiz Visiting Lectureship at Harvard University.

Professor Lyons and his research group have driven the science of 22 grants from NSF and NASA, including 18 awarded since his arrival in January 2005. Collectively, the Lyons group has been at the center of over $10 million of external funding at UCR. In addition, Professor Lyons is a team leader of one of the newest science teams selected to join the NASA Astrobiology Institute. The interdisciplinary team assembled is undertaking a comprehensive exploration of the factors and feedbacks that allowed Earth to maintain a persistent state of inhabitation through most of its dynamic history and develop new proxies for biosignature detection on other planetary bodies, as part of $7.5 million total award spread initially over five years.

Professor Lyons’ research has fundamentally changed the paradigm view of how Earth’s biosphere and surface environmental conditions have co-evolved through geologic time and his group’s output and approaches remain at the cutting edge of deep time geochemistry, paleoceanography and geobiology

In recognition of his enormous and continued contribution to society, the Senate Committee on Faculty Research Lecturer unanimously and enthusiastically nominates Professor Timothy Lyons as the Faculty Research Lecturer for 2017-2018

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