UC Riverside Academic Senate

All Time List of Faculty Research Lecturer

2019 Aman Ullah

2018 Timothy Lyons

2017 Carl Cranor

2016 Xuemei Chen

2015 Howard S. Friedman

2014 Alexander Raikhel

2013 John Fischer

2012 Norman Ellstrand

2011 Chandra Varma

2010 Christopher Reed

2009 Ivan Strenski

2008 Natasha Raikhel “Plant Biology: From Cells to Systems”

2007 R. Robert Russell “Economic Efficiency and the Worldwide Distribution of Income”

2006 Roger Atkinson “Exploring Alkane Atmospheric Chemistry”

2005 Brian A. Federici “Pathogens of Insects: Natural and Human Genetic Engineering of Life”

2003 Harry W. Green “Using Nanoscale Observations to Understand Earthquakes and Plate Tectonics”

2002 Willam A. Jury “Unraveling the Mysteries of Chemical Movement Through Soil”

2001 Dallas L. Rabenstein “Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Studies of the Chemistry of Biomolecules”

2000 Stanley N. Stewart “'New' Guides to the Historically Perplexed “

1999 David N. Reznick “Experimental Studies of Evolution in Natural Populations”

1998 Ralph Hanna III “Studying Late Medieval Literary Culture “

1997 Alexander McPherson Jr. “Structural Biology On Earth And In Space”

1996 Noel T. Keen “Plants and Microbes on the Internet: A tale of Two Molecules”

1995 Alexander Rosenberg “Why DNA Contains Thymine, and Why a Humanist Should Care”

1994 Charles Wilkins “New Mass Spectrometry Tools for Biochemical and Polymer Analysis”

1993 Randall Collins “The Comparative Sociology of Philosophies”

1992 Michael T. Clegg “DNA and Plant Evolutionary History”

1991 Robert N. Essick “William Blake, Adam's Tongue, and the Uses of Specialization”

1990 William H. Okamura “Vitamin D and Vitamin A — On the Architecture of Natural and Unnatural Products”

1989 Salomon Bartnicki-Garcia “A Kingdom Full of Fungi”

1988 Jonathan H. Turner “Is a Natural Science of Society Possible?”

1987 George P. Georghiou “Insecticides and Pest Resistance: The Consequences of Abuse”

1986 Richard E. Block “How A Mathematician Views Structure and Classification”

1985 Edwin Scott Gaustad “On Jeffersonian Liberty”

1984 Anne Kernan “Towards A Unification of the Force

1983 Anthony W. Norman “Vitamin D: A Case of Mistaken Identity”

1982 Oliver A. Johnson “Ye Shall Know The Truth”

1981 R. Stephen White “Gamma Ray Astronomy”

1980 Robert V. Hine “Community, Utopia, and the Frontier”

1979 Donald T. Sawyer “Trace Metals, Air and Life”

1978 Victor L. Shapiro “Exceptional Sets and the History of Mathematics”

1977 John M. Steadman, III “The Hill and the Labyrinth: Rhetoric and Certitude in Milton and His Contemporaries”

1976 Paul H. DeBach “The Aphytis Story: An Illustration of Principles and Practices in Biological Control”

1975 David R. Kearns “NMR—The New Rosetta Stone”

1974 Austin H. RiesenBrain Development After Use and Disuse”

1973 Robert F. Gleckner “The Death of the Humanities”

1972 T. Roy Fukuto “Strategies for Selective Toxicity”

1971 Robert Nisbet “The Search for Academic Community”

1970 Nathaniel T. Coleman “The Good and Not-So-Good Earth”

1969 Hugo Rodriquez Alcala “The Recent Spanish-American Novel and Its Critic”

1968 Walter H. Barkas “Two Decades of Subnuclear Physics”

1967 James P. Martin “Down to Earth”

1966 James N. Pitts, Jr. “Basic Research and Undergraduate Education: Conflicting or Complementary”

1965 Andrew W. Lawson “Crystallography at High Pressures”

1964 George A. Zentmyer “Phytophthora—Destroyer of Plants and Enemy of Man”

1963 Frederick J. Hoffman “Violence and Decorum: The Problem of Manners and the Ideology of Force in Modern Literature”

1962 Theodore H. Von Laue “Modern Science and the Old Adam”

1961 Stanley E. Flanders “The Parasitic Hymmenoptera, Specialists in Population Regulation”

1960 Robert Lee Metcalf “Biochemical Aspects of Insecticidal Action”

1959 W. Conway Pierce “Absorption at Solid Surfaces”

1958 Curtis P. Clausen “Some Aspects of Parasitism Among Insects”

1957 Philip Wheelwright “The Intellectual Light”

1956 Gordon S. Watkins “The Status of Labor in the United States: A Fragment of the Dynamics of Economic Progress”

1955 James W. Lesley  “Plant Breeding and Genetics”

1954 Leon D. Batchelor “Four Decades of Research Horticulture”

1953 Homer D. Chapman “Soil and Plant Nutrition Research with Special Reference to Citrus”

1952 Leo J. Klotz “The Fungi of Gummosis and Brown Rot of Citrus”

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