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PP3 Meetings (En 29 Nov. 2011)

PP3.1 Meetings are called by the Chair of the Faculty or by the Executive Committee. At the written request of 25 percent of the voting members of the faculty, the Chair must call a meeting. He/she must call at least one meeting each academic year. The faculty meeting may be chaired by the Chair of the Faculty or by the Vice Chair. (En 29 Nov. 2011)

PP3.1.1 A quorum consists of 50% of the members of the Faculty. (En 29 Nov. 2011)

PP3.1.2 A motion to submit a measure to email or secret ballot has precedence over a motion for an open vote in a meeting. (En 29 Nov. 2011)

PP3.1.3 The Chair of the Faculty will send, prior to the faculty meeting, copies of the call for the meeting and will make all pertinent documents available to each member of the Faculty. The Faculty shall not change curricular requirements of the Division or change these bylaws at the meetings at which such proposals for change are first made unless notice is previously given to all members of the Faculty in a call to the meeting. (En 29 Nov. 2011)

PP3.1.4 These bylaws constitute primary rules of order for meetings of the Faculty and of the committees of the Faculty. The order of business is that prescribed in Chapter 4 of the Bylaws of the Riverside Division of the Academic Senate. Questions of order not covered by these bylaws or those of the Division are covered by Sturgis’ Standard Code of Parliamentary Procedure. (En 29 Nov. 2011)

PP3.1.5 The minutes of every meeting of the Faculty (with the exception of those concerned with personnel matters) shall be sent before the next faculty meeting to every member of the Faculty. For personnel matters, faculty may consider the departmental letter in lieu of minutes for these meetings. Opportunities for review and/or comment of the departmental letter are as prescribed in the APM. (En 29 Nov. 2011)

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