UC Riverside Academic Senate

Committee Listings for 2019-2020

The Academic Senate meets and discusses a variety of topics that are important to the many functions of the university, including:

  • New classes
  • Research
  • Campus awards
  • Educational policy
  • International education

Standing Committees

Below you will find a brief summary of the functions of each individual committee. Please visit the committee's page for more information.

  • Academic Freedom Visit The Committee on Academic Freedom shall report any condition that may adversely affect the freedom of the academic community at large to the division.
  • Academic Personnel Visit The Committee on Academic Personnel provides advice to the chancellor about academic personnel and represents the division in all matters relating to appointments and promotions.
  • Charges Visit The Committee on Charges receives in writing, from the Chancellor, unresolved complaints that allege violation of the Faculty Code of Conduct (APM 015). Complaints can be initiated by a faculty member, a student, or a member of the administration. The complaint is filed with the campus administration, under the procedures outlined in UCR's Senate Bylaws, Appendix 5. Complaints are considered by the Academic Senate Charges Committee when forwarded to that committee by the office of the Chancellor.
  • Committees Visit The Committee on Committees also has the power to receive and to act upon resignations, to decide when vacancies occur, and to make appointments to fill vacancies in the Division's standing committees, other than the Committee on Committees, and vacancies among the Division's representatives to the Assembly of the Academic Senate. In addition, the Committee on Committees appoints members of special committees, and serves as a properly constituted advisory committee to the chancellor concerning the appointment of a dean or an officer of equivalent rank.
  • Courses Visit The Committee on Courses has authority for final approval of all courses of the Riverside Division.
  • Distinguished Campus Service Visit The Committee on Distinguished Campus Service selects annually two ladder rank faculty members for nomination to receive the Distinguished Campus Service Award.
  • Distinguished Teaching Visit The Committee on Distinguished Teaching nominates annually for election by the division one or more members of the division to receive a Distinguished Teaching Award.
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Visit The Committee on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion represents the division on all matters of affirmative action and diversity in the employment of women and ethnic minorities at UCR.
  • Educational Policy Visit The Committee on Educational Policy considers and reports upon matters of educational policy which may be referred to it by the president, the chancellor, the division, or by any committee of the division.
  • Executive Council Visit The Executive Council advises the chancellor and the chair of the division of his/her responsibility to coordinate the work of all committees.
  • Faculty Research Lecturer Visit The Committee on Faculty Research Lecturer nominates for election by the division any member of the division who has made a distinguished record in research to deliver a lecture upon a topic of his/her selection.
  • Faculty Welfare Visit The Committee on Faculty Welfare reports to the division on any and all matters of faculty welfare.
  • Graduate Council Visit The Graduate Council exercises regulative and coordinating functions in the Graduate Division of the Riverside campus.
  • Grievance Consultation Panel Visit The members of this panel are available to each grievant to discuss the claim of violation of rights and privileges and to provide advice on the appropriate procedure to be followed. Panel members do not serve as representatives of any grievant, and they shall maintain full confidentiality to the extent allowable by law. An aggrieved Senate member may consult with these individuals with the understanding that the grievance will not be disclosed and that the consultation shall not constitute notice of the grievance to the campus or University administration.
  • International Education Visit The Committee on International Education represents the division in all matters concerned with international education, including international research, and study-abroad and foreign exchange programs.
  • Library and Information Technology Visit The Committee on Library and Information Technology shall advise the Division, Chancellor and President on all matters relating to academic computing and information technology; administration of the library; and matters concerning scholarly communications in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Regents.
  • Memorial Resolutions Visit The Committee on Memorial Resolutions is responsible, on behalf of the Division, for preparation and publication of commemorative statements concerning the lives and services to the University of deceased members of the Division, and other members of the University community whom the Committee, at its discretion, may choose to memorialize.
  • Physical Resources Planning Visit The Committee on Physical Resources Planning provides advice to the chancellor and represents the division on matters concerning the use of campus lands and buildings.
  • Planning and Budget Visit The Committee on Planning and Budget confers with and advises the Chancellor, the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost, and campus administrative units on matters of planning, budget, and resource allocations on both short and long-term bases. The Committee also initiates studies in planning and budget matters and, if necessary to accomplish such studies, authorizes establishment of ad hoc committees to carry out investigations and make reports.
  • Preparatory Education Visit The Committee on Preparatory Education monitors academic aspects of preparatory and remedial education.
  • Privilege and Tenure Visit The Academic Senate Committee on Privilege and Tenure is guided by the UC system-wide Senate Bylaws 334-337. The Committee deals with three distinct categories of cases: grievance cases (SBL 335), where a member of the Senate claims injury through the violation of his/her rights and privileges; disciplinary cases (SBL 336), where a member of the Senate is accused of having violated the Faculty Code of Conduct; and early termination cases (SBL 337), where a Senate or non-Senate faculty member challenges whether there is good cause for his/her early termination.
  • Research Visit The Committee on Research formulates general policies concerning research activities on the Riverside campus, especially those that are supported by funds at the disposal of the committee or by extramural subsideies, and makes recommendations to the chancellor and the division related to these activities.
  • Rules and Jurisdiction Visit The Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction reports to the division changes to the rules and bylaws, and reviews legislation that may conflict with the rules and bylaws of the Academic Senate.
  • Scholarships and Honors Visit The Committee on Scholarships and Honors recommends to the president, through the chancellor, the awarding of undergraduate scholarships, including Regents' scholarships and other competitive awards.
  • Undergraduate Admissions Visit The Undergraduate Admissions Committee advises the division and the administration on matters having to do with admissions and enrollment on the Riverside campus.
  • University Extension Visit The Committee on University Extension advises the chancellor and the director of University Extension on matters referred by them to the committee.

Ad Hoc Committees

The Ad Hoc Committees of the Academic Senate were created for very specific tasks, rather than the general and overarching tasks other committees oversee. They generally exist for a short amount of time, until their task is dealt with. These committees are:

Executive Committees

Systemwide Committee Representatives

Joint Senate/Administrative Committees

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