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The Academic Senate Committee on Privilege and Tenure is guided by the UC system-wide Senate Bylaws 334-337. The Committee deals with three distinct categories of cases: grievance cases (SBL 335), where a member of the Senate claims injury through the violation of his/her rights and privileges; disciplinary cases (SBL 336), where a member of the Senate is accused of having violated the Faculty Code of Conduct; and early termination cases (SBL 337), where a Senate or non-Senate faculty member challenges whether there is good cause for his/her early termination.

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The grievance consultation panel exists on the Riverside campus for the purpose of advising Senate members on the available relief in cases of a potential grievance and are available to each grievant to discuss the claim of violation of rights and privileges and to provide advice on the appropriate procedure to be followed. The members of the grievance consultation panel do not serve as representatives of any grievant, and maintain full confidentiality to the extent allowable by laws. An aggrieved Senate member may consult with the individuals appointed under this provision with the understanding that the grievance will not be disclosed and that the consultation shall not constitute notice of the grievance to the campus or University administration. In cases where the grievance contains allegations of improper governmental activities and/or allegations of retaliation for reporting improper governmental activities, panel members shall inform a grievant of their right to make a protected disclosure of allegations of improper governmental activities and/or allegations of retaliation for reporting improper governmental activities to the Locally Designated Official (LDO) pursuant to the Whistleblower Policy and the Whistleblower Protection Policy. Panel members also shall inform grievants that any such allegations that are part of a grievance brought to the Privilege and Tenure Committee will be reported to the LDO in accordance with the Whistleblower Policy and/or the Whistleblower Protection Policy.

Summary of Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures
This document is meant to give a brief overview and does not replace the appropriate policies and procedures.

UC system-wide Senate Bylaws 334-337

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