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Regents Faculty Fellowships Recipients 2017-2018

Regents’ Faculty Fellowships and Faculty Development Awards

The Committee on Research, Riverside Division of the Academic Senate is pleased to announce the recipients of the Regents’ Faculty Fellowships and Faculty Development Awards for 2017-2018.

Regents’ Faculty Fellowships and Faculty Development Awards provide funds from the Office of the President, University Opportunity Funds, and the Committee on Research to Assistant Professors for opportunities for educational enrichment through significant research, advanced or independent study, or improvement of teaching effectiveness.

These awards are intended to help junior faculty achieve the requirements necessary to earn tenure. Funds may be used for research-related travel, supplies and equipment; research assistance; conference travel; summer salary (for faculty paid on an academic year basis); and to supplement partial-salary sabbatical leave.

The Committee on Research anticipates that next year’s call for applications will be issued in late Winter or early Spring quarter.

Recipients of the Regents Faculty Fellowships


Megan Amelia Knapp Peters, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering - $3,250.00
Cross-Species Universalities in Uncertainty Computations

Daniel Wong, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering - $2,750.00
Performance-aware Energy-efficient Runtime for Graphical Processing Units

Shane Andrew Cybart, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering - $3,250.00
Nanoscale Engineering of Single Flux Quantum Logic

Hollis S. Woodard, Assistant Professor, Entomology - $4,000.00

Zhenyu (Arthur) Jia, Assistant Professor, Botany and Plant Sciences - $2,750.00
Determination of Chromosome-Length Haplotypes Using Gametes and Identification of Haplotype-Phenotype Associations in Citrus

Nicholas DiPatrizio, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences - $3,250.00
Endocannabinoid Control of Overeating in Obesity

Ying-Hsuan Lin, Assistant Professor, Environmental Sciences - $4,000.00
Mechanistic insights into traffic-related air pollution induced metabolic health effects: Roles of noncoding RNAs in susceptibility

Maryjo Brounce, Assistant Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences - $3,250.00
The search for the mechanism for producing oxidized arc basalts

Austin H. Johnson, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education - $2,750.00
Understanding how teachers select and adopt practices to address challenging student behavior

Nanpeng Eric Yu , Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering - $3,250.00
Modeling, Monitoring, and Control of Modern Power Distribution Systems

Edward Zagha, Assistant Professor, Psychology - $3,250.00
Neural circuit mechanisms of time perception

Sandra Kirtland Turner, Assistant Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences - $4,000.00
Characterizing Pacific climate during times of extreme global warmth

Jaimie Van Norman, Assistant Professor, Botany and Plant Sciences - $2,750.00
Characterization of the secondary cortex as a unique cell type in roots

Jernej Murn, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry - $2,750.00
A defined platform for studies of synaptic connectivity in health and disease

Gregor Blaha, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry - $3,250.00
Transcription-Translation Coupling, a New Drug Target?

Ran Wei, Assistant Professor, School of Public Policy - $3,250.00
Integrating uncertainty into spatial data analysis

Alexander Barinov, Assistant Professor, Area of Finance - $3,250.00
Firm Complexity and Expected Returns

Anson D'aloisio, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy - $3,250.00
Constraining Dark Matter with Supermassive Blackholes

Sin Sze (Cecilia) Cheung, Assistant Professor, Psychology - $2,750.00
Summer Coding Camp as a Gateway to STEM: A Short-Term Longitudinal Study

Ademide Adelusi-Adeluyi, Assistant Professor, History - $3,250.00
Imagine Lagos: Mapmaking and Representation of a Nineteenth-Century West African City.

Jiasi Chen, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering - $4,000.00
Blockchains for Wireless Spectrum Sharing Databases

Ye Li, Assistant Professor, Area of Management - $3,250.00
Benefits and costs of faster playback of video and audio

Brent Laurence Hughes, Assistant Professor, Psychology - $2,750.00
The impact of threat and impulsive actions during intergroup encounters

Hai-bo Yu, Associate Professor, Physics and Astronomy - $3,250.00
Exploring the Dark Sector

Jade S. Sasser, Associate Professor, Gender and Sexuality Studies - $4,000.00
Ladders and Stacking and Stoves, Oh My! The Contexts of Women’s Cooking and Fuel Use in Vietnam and Madagascar

Wei Liu, Assistant Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences - $3,250.00
Assessing the stability of the Atlantic meridional overturning circulation in coupled climate models

Kerry Mauck, Assistant Professor, Entomology - $3,250.00
Understanding plant virus biodiversity and impacts on hosts in extreme habitats

Hongdian Yang, Assistant Professor, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology - $2,750.00
Locus Coeruleus-Norepinephrine Modulation of Sensory Perception

Elizabeth Davis, Associate Professor, Psychology - $2,750.00
Emotion regulation and children's anxiety development

Zhijia Zhao, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering - $3,250.00
Characterizing and Detecting Responsiveness Issues of Mobile Apps Caused by Runtime Changes

Robb Hernandez, Associate Professor, English - $3,250.00
Dark Futures: Dystopia and Art in Post-Hurricane Puerto Rico

Miguel Carreras, Associate Professor, Political Science - $3,250.00
Corruption, Gender Stereotypes, and Sex-Specific Accountability: Evidence from Female Governors in Argentina

Joshua T. Morgan, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering - $3,250.00
Novel Chronic Wound Model Using Fully Vascularized Organotypic Skin Constructs

Carolyn G. Rasmussen, Assistant Professor, Botany and Plant Sciences - $2,750.00
Identifying genes required for plant cell division using next generation sequencing

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