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Regents Faculty Fellowships Recipients 2018-2019

Regents’ Faculty Fellowships and Faculty Development Awards

The Committee on Research, Riverside Division of the Academic Senate is pleased to announce the recipients of the Regents’ Faculty Fellowships and Faculty Development Awards for 2018-2019.

Regents’ Faculty Fellowships and Faculty Development Awards provide funds from the Office of the President, University Opportunity Funds, and the Committee on Research to Assistant Professors for opportunities for educational enrichment through significant research, advanced or independent study, or improvement of teaching effectiveness.

These awards are intended to help junior faculty achieve the requirements necessary to earn tenure. Funds may be used for research-related travel, supplies and equipment; research assistance; conference travel; summer salary (for faculty paid on an academic year basis); and to supplement partial-salary sabbatical leave.

The Committee on Research anticipates that next year’s call for applications will be issued in late Winter or early Spring quarter.

Recipients of the Regents Faculty Fellowships


Dawn H Nagel, Assistant Professor, Botany and Plant Sciences - $2,000.00
Contribution of time of day to heat stress tolerance in plants

Ruoyao Shi, Assistant Professor, Economics - $5,000.00
Averaging Estimators in Nonparametric and Semiparametric Economic Models

Sean E O'leary, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry - $6,000.00
Molecular determinants of mRNA recognition for eukaryotic translation.

John M. Franchak, Assistant Professor, Psychology - $5,000.00
Characterizing everyday opportunities for learning in the second year of life

Konstantinos Karydis, Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering - $5,000.00
Design, Modeling, and Control of Compliant and Soft Legged Robots

Zhenyu (Arthur) Jia, Associate Professor, Botany and Plant Sciences - $3,500.00
Prediction of prostate cancer outcomes using the multi-omics data

Crystal Baik, Associate Professor, Gender and Sexuality Studies - $3,500.00
Beyond War: Korean/American Feminist and Queer Activisms

Rachel Wu, Assistant Professor, Psychology - $3,500.00
Inducing cognitive growth via discussions on learning and successful aging in older adults

Yanran Li, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering - $5,000.00
Harnessing Synthetic Biology to Establish a Mammalian DNA Methylation Readout System in Yeast

Wesley A. Sims, Assistant Professor, Graduate School of Education - $3,500.00
Examining Teacher Self-Report of Classroom Management Behavior with the Direct Behavior Rating-Classroom Management (DBR-CM)¬

Cesunica Ivey, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering - $2,000.00
Dynamic Real-time Emissions Assessment and Management for Exposure Reduction

Erica Heinrich, Assistant Professor, Biomedical Sciences - $6,000.00
Inflammation in Chronic Mountain Sickness

Weitao Chen, Assistant Professor, Mathematics - $1,500.00
Data-driven Multiscale Modeling to Understand the Maintenance of Transcription Factor Distribution in Stem Cell Homeostasis

Roby Douilly, Assistant Professor, Earth and Planetary Sciences - $6,000.00
Spatiotemporal Evolution of Microseismicity and Repeating Earthquakes in Haiti

Evangelos Papalexakis, Assistant Professor, Computer Science and Engineering - $3,500.00
Fake News: A Data Science Approach

Jennifer Leigh Syvertsen, Assistant Professor, Anthropology - $3,500.00
Dangerous Love: Sex work, drug use, and the pursuit of intimacy in Tijuana, Mexico

Sydney Irene Glassman, Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Plant Pathology - $2,000.00
Do fungal-bacterial interactions and microbial complexity predict litter decomposition responses to drought and the persistence of soil organic C?

Adler Dillman, Assistant Professor, Nematology - $3,500.00
Characterizing Immunomodulatory Proteins Released by Parasitic Nematodes

Fedor Karginov, Assistant Professor, Molecular, Cell and Systems Biology - $6,000.00
Biochemical and structural characterization of a calcium-dependent endonuclease

Sika Zheng, Associate Professor, Biomedical Sciences - $5,000.00
A new mouse model to study the genetic control of neuronal longevity

Kevin Kou, Assistant Professor, Chemistry - $3,500.00
New Strategies to Synthesize Organoborons for Drug Discovery

Sihem Cheloufi, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry - $2,000.00
Investigating the Mechanisms of Skeletal Regeneration

Anna Betbeze, Assistant Professor, Art - $5,000.00
Stages and Scenes (Kinetic Painting)

Maria Firmino-Castillo, Assistant Professor, Dance - $2,000.00
Choreographies of Catastrophe: Embodied Ontogenesis in the Post-Anthropocene

Allison K. Hansen, Associate Professor, Entomology - $5,000.00
New Liberibacter genomes will reveal the evolutionary history of the worst emerging pathogens to date in agriculture

Megan Asaka, Assistant Professor, History - $6,000.00
Unsettled City: Migration, Race, and the Making of Seattle's Urban Landscape

Robert Jinkerson, Assistant Professor, Chemical and Environmental Engineering - $5,000.00
Using algal functional genomics to shed light on plant gene function and increase lipid production in cotton

Giulia Palermo, Assistant Professor, Bioengineering - $1,500.00
Understanding the Allosteric Signaling in CRISPR-Cas9 by Integrating Molecular Dynamics Simulations and Solution NMR Experiments

Emma W Gachomo, Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Plant Pathology - $2,000.00

John Perry, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry - $2,000.00
Early-stage drug discovery against RNF4 Protein, a Novel c-MYC Cancer Target.

Chen Li, Assistant Professor, Mechanical Engineering - $2,000.00
Study of Material Chirality by Circular Polarized Inelastic X-ray Scattering at Synchrotron Source

Patricia Manosalva, Assistant Professor, Microbiology and Plant Pathology - $2,000.00
Elucidating the molecular basis of Phytophthora cinnamomi resistance using model plants and crops to develop avocado resistant rootstocks

James Frederick Davies, Assistant Professor, Chemistry - $3,500.00

Ran Wei, Associate Professor, School of Public Policy - $2,000.00
Spatial Analytics for Reducing Food Insecurity in Developing Countries

Jody A. Benjamin, Assistant Professor, History - $5,000.00
Archiving West Africa: a view from Guinea

Elizabeth Przybylski, Assistant Professor, Music - $3,500.00
Local Sounds, Global Flows: Hip Hop, Sonic Sovereignty, and the Shifting Mainstream

John Paul Barton, Assistant Professor, Physics and Astronomy - $6,000.00
Inference of natural selection in evolving populations

Jose L. Reynoso, Assistant Professor, Dance - $5,000.00
Transnational Studies of Dance and Politics: A Research Stay in Mexico City

Padma Rangarajan, Assistant Professor, English - $2,000.00
Thug Life: The British Empire and the Birth of Terrorism

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