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Welcoming Interim PEVC Cindy Larive

February 22, 2017

Dear faculty colleagues,

I am writing on behalf of the Senate Executive Council to welcome Interim Provost/EVC Cindy Larive. Her record as a UCR faculty member, nationally recognized scholar, department chair, Divisional Dean, and Vice Provost of Undergraduate Education reflects a quality of leadership that is widely respected across the UCR campus, and across the UC system.

The Senate, in consultation with its Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction, is cancelling the previously announced Special Meeting on the topic of a Vote of No Confidence in Provost/EVC Paul D’Anieri.

I extend special thanks to our colleagues who have served on the Senate Special Committee, which has been working overtime in recent weeks to fulfill its responsibilities. The Special Committee is executing its charge in the most constructive way possible, with rigorous consideration of the feedback provided by Senate faculty on the present and future of the UCR campus. In the absence of the Special Meeting, the Special Committee will offer a document that reflects careful consideration of the collective challenges we must engage in our efforts to move forward under the principles of Shared Governance.

On behalf of the Senate, i thank all of you for continually showing your deep commitment to our students, our scholarly mission, and our role in this public research university.

Dylan Rodríguez
Professor of Ethnic Studies & Chair of the Riverside Division

Confidential Feedback

February 10, 2017

Dear faculty colleagues,

Please find below a message from Special Committee Chair Dan Hare:

February 7, 2017

SUBJECT: Faculty Feedback Provided to the Senate Special Committee

The Senate Special Committee charged with preparing a document on the matter of considering a Vote of No Confidence in the Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor is carefully considering its charge (attached) in light of announcements from the Provost and the Chancellor subsequent to the development of the committee’s charge.

The Committee invites comments from the faculty that are relevant to the document it is to prepare in carrying out its charge in view of the announcement of January 23 from the Chancellor that a search for an interim Provost is under way and that PEVC D’Anieri will step down as soon as an interim Provost has been identified.

Faculty can submit their comments anonymously here after logging in to the password-protected R’Senate site of Academic Senate using UCR NetID and password. The identity of the commenters will never be known to the Special Committee unless commenters wish to identify themselves in the body of their messages.

The confidential website will be active on February 1 and will accept comments through Friday, February 17, 2017. I invite you all to submit your comments.

Dan Hare, Chair
Senate Special Committee

Interim Provost Search

January 24, 2017

Dear faculty colleagues:

I am writing to express my support for Chancellor Kim Wilcox’s decision (announced via email yesterday) to prioritize the appointment of an Interim Provost in the coming weeks. Provost Paul D’Anieri’s embrace of this process and his agreement to step down upon its completion is also to be commended. I hope all Senate faculty members will thoughtfully consider the Chancellor’s invitation to submit nominations for this position (interimprovost_search@ucr.edu).

The Senate leadership remains committed to working in the best interests of the faculty and campus under the principles of Shared Governance. We have expressed our willingness to consult with the Chancellor in a substantive and efficient manner as he moves forward with the Interim Provost appointment process.

I hope you can make time to attend the Chancellor’s January 30 “campus conversation” from 11 am-12:30 pm in HUB 302. This venue will allow us to provide thoughtful, critical input on the issues that matter most to the immediate and long-term future of our campus and our students.

I look forward to continuing our work.


Chair's Statement - 12/19/2016

December 19, 2016

Provost Resignation Announcement and Upcoming Special Meeting

Dear Senate faculty colleagues:

As you know, Provost/EVC Paul D’Anieri announced on Friday, December 16, that he will step down from his administrative leadership position at the end of this academic year. In the few days since this announcement, i have received numerous inquiries from faculty who remain concerned about the future of the campus and the role of the Senate faculty in strengthening Shared Governance during the anticipated leadership transition period.

Given the change of circumstances, i am writing to encourage all Senate Faculty to make use of the upcoming Special Meeting as an opportunity to deepen our collective conversations and debates about the role of faculty in Shared Governance and in shaping the future of the UCR campus. Students, staff, and faculty remain the heart and soul of this institution, and we must live up to our responsibility to take leadership in times of institutional change, including shifts in administrative leadership.

I am writing to briefly outline what i expect to be the Senate’s role in facilitating ongoing collective conversations in the coming weeks.

As a matter of procedure, the Senate is still obligated to hold the Special Meeting on the matter of considering a vote of no confidence in the Provost/EVC. The Senate is also required to convene a Special Committee to prepare a document to serve as a basis for discussion at the Special Meeting. In light of the recent resignation announcement, it is possible that Senate faculty will decide that a potential vote of no confidence is no longer an appropriate course of action, though we will have the opportunity to fully discuss this at the Special Meeting.

More information about the Special Committee’s work will be forthcoming, as will the prospective date for the Special Meeting. I should state again that it is truly a privilege to serve as your Senate Chair.


Statement on 12/6 Divisional Meeting

December 7, 2016

(Revised December 9, 2016 for consistency with language of motion passed by Senate faculty at Divisional Meeting of 12/6/2016.)

Dear Senate Faculty Colleagues:

I am grateful to all who attended yesterday’s Divisional meeting. The room was overflowing. The extraordinary degree of participation, active engagement, and debate among us reflects a healthy and vibrant Senate, even (perhaps especially) when we must work to clarify our Bylaws and procedures in the heat of discussion. I give special thanks to Parliamentarian Sarita See, who facilitated our protocols under highly pressurized and dynamic circumstances.

I feel obligated to provide an overview of what transpired yesterday for those of you who were not in attendance, and to crystallize those events for everyone who was present.

In the 24 hours prior to yesterday’s Divisional Meeting, more than 100 Senate faculty contacted the Senate to request a Special Meeting on the specific matter of considering a Vote of No Confidence in the Provost/EVC. The threshold of requests to compel a Special Meeting is 10 requests, per Bylaw 3.2.

During the New Business portion of the agenda, the Senate faculty were informed of the call for a Special Meeting, after which the Senate faculty in attendance thoroughly discussed and ultimately approved (by a vote of 109 to 34) a motion to appoint a Special Committee to be convened by the elected members of the Senate’s Committee on Committees. In accordance with the language of the passed motion, the Special Committee will prepare a document for the Special Meeting (per Bylaw 5.3.1). The document will serve as a basis to inform the Senate faculty of the context for the Special Meeting, and will provide an initial basis for debate and discussion.

To clarify, the Special Committee’s document will be subject to the Senate faculty’s full review and discussion prior to and during the Special Meeting. Any potential Resolution on a Vote of No Confidence is subjected to the procedures outlined in Senate Bylaw 5. (See Senate Bylaw 5)

I am working to finalize a date and location for the Special Meeting. While i plan to hold the Special Meeting in the early part of the Winter Quarter, i must be attentive to the gravity and depth of the Special Committee’s work in preparing its document. Further, i must allow adequate time for the Committee on Committees to nominate and convene a Special Committee that reflects diversity across demographic and academic/College profiles. I am consulting with relevant Senate committee leadership to construct a timeline for holding the Special Meeting. Please expect an announcement of date and location within the next week or so.

I look forward to continuing conversation with you as the Senate embraces the challenges in its midst.


Senate Campus Town hall

Click Image above to view the Town Hall recording.


November 8, 2016

Dear Senate Faculty colleagues:

Since becoming Academic Senate Division Chair, i have had the opportunity to speak with dozens of colleagues across colleges and departments in the context of one-on-one meetings, multiple campus events, and ongoing visits to departmental faculty meetings.

It has become clear that many across campus share similar concerns about the present state and future direction of UCR. I am thus writing to invite all Academic Senate faculty members to a Senate-hosted Campus Town Hall on Tuesday, November 29, 9-11 a.m. in Genomics 1102A. I encourage those of you who have articulated your concerns to me and others to attend this town hall, and to speak openly and honestly among your colleagues during this time.

I hope and expect that the Town Hall will facilitate the development of a larger conversation about how to move forward in a creative, productive, and collective manner that concretely improves the conditions and faculty morale at our vital public institution.

In my view, this is the greatest privilege and power of the Academic Senate—its capacity to create a setting in which faculty can share and act together, in the best interests of our students, colleagues, and in carrying out our larger responsibilities to fulfill UC Riverside’s research, teaching, and service mission.

I’ll see you soon.

Dylan Rodríguez
Professor of Ethnic Studies & Chair of the Riverside Division

Riverside Division Meetings

The following meetings will be held at 2:10pm in Genomics Auditorium, Room 1102A:

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