What is the Academic Senate?

The Academic Senate is the voice of the faculty in the University of California. It represents the Faculty in the "shared governance" of UC. This responsibility is delegated by the Regents and shared with the University administration, both at the campus level and systemwide. The University of California Academic Senate is one of the most highly developed and influential faculty governments in any university. It is the one organization through which the faculty, as a whole or on any of the campuses, can express its views on an issue. The senate guides the university's educational course and is responsible for:

  • Determining academic policy
  • Setting conditions for admission and granting of degrees
  • Authorizing and supervising curricula and courses
  • Advising on faculty appointments, promotions, and budgets
The senate works in concert with the university administration, which is responsible for the finances and organization of the institution. These roles overlap and are frequently interdependent.

How the Senate Works

The Academic Senate was established upon the creation of the university to create a model where faculty were both managers and teachers within the institution. The regents have reaffirmed and strengthened the decisive role of the senate in both the daily management and long-term planning of the institution. The Senate has a dual role of authority in the educational aspects of the university and advice to the adminstrators in the overall operation of the university.

The organization, duties, powers, and privileges of the Academic Senate are detailed in the Regents Standing Order 105.