UCR Academic Senate Faculty Code of Conduct

There are several important university policies that apply to members of the Academic Senate. These summaries and descriptions of implementation procedures are designed to give you a fundamental understanding of the policies. Complete texts of the codes of conduct are available in the Bylaws appendix.

This summary is not intended to modify or replace the policies themselves.

Faculty Code of Conduct

The Faculty Code of Conduct is made up of Academic Personnel Policy 015, and Academic Personnel Policy 016. Revised Academic Personnel Policy 015 and new Academic Personnel Policy 016 were approved by the Assembly of the Academic Senate on October 31, 2001, and adopted by The Regents on November 15, 2001.

Academic Personnel Policy 015 sets forth professional rights of faculty, both general ethical principles for faculty and examples of unacceptable faculty conduct, and rules and recommendations for the enforcement of the Faculty Code.

Academic Personnel Policy 016, effective January 1, 2002, supersedes the existing Academic Personnel Policy Section 015 and includes general policy regarding faculty discipline. It specifies:

  • The penalties that may be imposed for violations of the Faculty Code of Conduct.
  • What types of faculty behaviors are covered under the Faculty Code.
  • Which academic personnel are governed by the Faculty Code.

Policy on Sexual Harassment

The University of California Policy on Sexual Harassment covers all members of the University community, including faculty and other academic personnel, staff employees, students, and non-student or non-employee participants in University programs. The policy includes:

  • A definition of sexual harassment.
  • Clarification of the University‚Äôs obligation to respond promptly and effectively to reports of sexual harassment.
  • Provisions for training employees and educating the University community regarding sexual harassment.
  • A statement that the policy shall be implemented in a manner that recognizes principles of free speech and academic freedom.

Summary of Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures

The Summary of Grievance and Disciplinary Procedures document is meant to give a brief overview and does not replace the appropriate policies and procedures. In case of conflict between this summary and the formal policies and procedures, the formal policies and procedures will govern. The relevant policies are the UC system-wide Senate Bylaws 334-337  and the UC Riverside Senate Bylaws, Appendix 5.