Organization & Powers of the Academic Senate

Faculty Code of Conduct

I. Bylaws set forth the membership, authority and organization of the Senate, and the Regulations codify the requirements for admission, degrees and courses and curricula.

II. Definitions. The following definitions apply to all matters within the jurisdiction of the Riverside Division:

  1. Bylaws: The term bylaws denotes statements which define the source of authority, membership, powers, duties and organization fo the Academic Senate, the Division and its various agencies. In essence they are a constitution for the Senate and its component parts and express the philosophy and purpose of academic self-government and participation by the faculty in the administration of the University as stipulated in the Standing Orders of the Regents.
  2. Regulations: The term regulation denotes statements implementing the application of the Bylaws to such University matters as admission and degree requirements and the authorization and supervision of courses with the jurisdiction of the Academic Senate Bylaws or Regulations.
  3. Legislation: The term legislation denotes Bylaws and Regulations of a Senate agency.