Student Does Not Admit Responsibility
Student Does Not Admit Responsibility If the student does not admit responsibility, the Faculty member must note on the referral form the appropriate academic sanction if the student is found responsible. Academic sanctions are appropriate outcomes of assignment grades, course grades, or exam results. The Faculty member will evaluate the disputed assignment or examination on its merits and note the grade to be assigned if the student is not found responsible. If grades are due while the case is in progress, the Faculty member should assign a temporary grade placeholder of Grade Delay “GD” pending the outcome of the review process. For alleged research non-compliance, the Faculty member or university official must note the appropriate sanction on the referral form. Sanctions for research non-compliance may include temporary suspension from the lab, halting of all research activity, publication delay or retraction, additional training, or NC grade in research units. Upon receipt of the Graduate Academic Integrity Violation Referral, the Associate Dean for Graduate Academic Affairs will notify the student of the University of California Policy on Student Conduct and Discipline that was allegedly violated, the factual basis for the charges, and the plan to conduct an Initial Administrative Review of the case. The student will be advised that the Initial Administrative Review is intended as a thorough exposition of all related facts and written materials associated with the alleged academic misconduct, and that it is not intended as an adversarial criminal or civil legal proceeding. The student will also be informed of the student’s right to be assisted by an advisor of the student’s choice. Such written notification will occur within 14 calendar days of the receipt of the referral by the Associate Dean and will be sent to the student’s University e-mail address.