Honors (En 5 Jun 75)
A. Dean's Honor List and Chancellor's Honor List Standards* (Am 29 May 97)
The Dean's Honor List is awarded quarterly based upon the completion of a minimum of 12 letter graded units with a GPA of 3.5 or higher, with no grade in any course below a B, and no grade of NC or I (incomplete). Students who are placed on the Dean's Honor list for all three quarters in a single academic year (Fall, Winter, and Spring) will be placed on the Chancellor's Honor List for that academic year. (Am 27 May 82, effective fall quarter 1982) (Am 29 May 97) (Am 22 May 03)
*These amended standards were approved by the Academic Council for the Assembly of the Academic Senate 17 Nov 82.
B. Standards for the Award of Honors at Graduation**
1. No more than the top two percent (by grade point average) in the June graduating class shall receive highest honors. No more than the next four percent of graduating students shall receive high honors, and no more than the next ten percent honors. 2. In determining rank in the June graduating class the following procedure shall be used: (a) The grade point averages used to determine class rank shall be based on courses taken at the University of California. (b) All students having a grade point average equal to that of the graduating student who falls at each percentage cutoff point specified in paragraph 1 shall be awarded the same category of honors as that student. 3. The grade point averages which mark the cutoff points for each honors category for the June graduating class shall be used as minimum criteria for the award of the same categories of honors to students in the August, December, and March graduating classes which follow. 4. Only students who have completed 60 or more quarter units of graded courses at the University of California are eligible to receive any category of honors upon graduation. 5. The college Executive Committees, or a committee they so designate, shall have responsibility for approving the list of graduates who are to receive each category of honors. In exceptional cases, they may waive the above requirements. 6. These requirements shall become effective in the fall quarter 1977.
**These criteria were approved by the Assembly of the Academic Senate 2 Jun 77.