05.03.02 - Allegation Procedures and Channels

Allegation Procedures and Channels Allegations against a member of the Faculty in violation of the Faculty Code of Conduct may originate from members of the faculty, staff, students, the administration, and other members of the University community. Allegations shall be accepted for inquiry only on the basis of a written signed statement by the complainant. Allegations by a complainant shall be addressed to the Chair of the accused Faculty member's department or to the Dean for units with no Chairs, unless this will present a potential conflict of interest, in which case the allegation will be directed to the administrator to whom this Chair or Dean reports. The Faculty member accused of alleged misconduct shall be promptly informed of the allegation, in writing, by the recipient of the signed allegation. It shall also be the accused Faculty member's right to examine all relevant documents assembled in connection with the allegation and to be heard at each step in the progress of the case. The recipient of the allegation shall advise both the complainant and the accused Faculty member to obtain and become familiar with this document (Rules of Procedure for Implementation of Policies on Faculty Conduct and the Administration of Discipline at UCR), as well as the Faculty Code of Conduct (APM-015), the University Policy on Faculty Conduct and the Administration of Discipline (APM-016), and the UC Academic Senate Bylaw 336 (Privilege and Tenure Divisional Committees' Disciplinary Cases). If the complainant is a student, the complainant shall be given the option of retaining anonymity until the filing of a formal complaint with the Committee on Charges, with the understanding that such anonymity may preclude the opportunity for informal resolution prior to consideration by the Committee on Charges. The channels for processing a matter involving allegations in violation of the Faculty Code of Conduct that do not pertain to allegations of research misconduct or sexual harassment shall be from the Department Chair (in those Schools and Colleges that have Chairs) to the Dean of the School or College to the Chancellor to the Committee on Charges of the Academic Senate. If the normal level of the channel appears inappropriate to the individual making the allegations, the complainant may address the allegations, in writing, directly to the next level in the channel.(Am 20 Feb 07)