05.03.04 - The Formal Complaint

The Formal Complaint If the matter has not been settled to the satisfaction of the complainant at some step in the process described above, and if the Chancellor is unable to resolve the matter informally, the Chancellor shall furnish the complainant with the Academic Complaint Form. To complete the Academic Complaint Form, the complainant must identify the relevant section(s) of the University Policy on Faculty Conduct and the Administration of Discipline and include a full statement of the facts that allegedly constitute a violation of the University Faculty Code of Conduct. The Form must be signed by the complainant and submitted to the Chancellor. Materials elaborating the evidence may be appended to the Academic Complaint Form. The Chancellor shall promptly transmit the signed formal complaint to the Committee on Charges of the Academic Senate. At the same time, the Chancellor shall transmit the signed formal complaint to the accused Faculty member, along with a statement that the matter has been transmitted to the Committee on Charges.(Am 20 Feb 07)