05.03.09 - Role of the Complainant

Role of the Complainant Complainants have a legitimate interest in being kept informed as the process proceeds and, within appropriate parameters, should be able to participate in various stages of the process. In the inquiry stage by the Committee on Charges, the complainant must be willing to meet with the Committee on Charges should that Committee consider such appearance necessary to the inquiry. The complainant does not have a right to receive written statements submitted by the accused Faculty member or any other evidence uncovered in the course of the inquiry by the Committee on Charges, nor does the complainant have a right to be present during any interview that may occur as part of the inquiry. (Am 29 May 12) If it is determined by the Committee on Charges or the Hearing Committee of the Committee on Privilege and Tenure that the allegations brought by the complainant are both groundless and malicious, that finding may serve as a basis for counter charges by the accused Faculty member.(Am 20 Feb 07)