General Requirements
A minimum of 180 units is required for graduation. No more than 6 units of Physical Education activity may be counted toward the requirement. No 400 series course and not more than three 300 series courses may be counted toward the requirement. No more than 84 units in any one discipline in which a degree is offered may be applied toward the 180 unit degree requirement. A student is not normally expected to take more than 180 units to attain the Bachelor's Degree. After having credit for 216 units, he will not be permitted to continue, except in cases, approved by the Dean, in which specific academic or professional reasons are involved. (Am 24 Feb 77)(Am 25 Jan 79)
A grade point average of at least 2.0 in all courses taken in the University of California is required for graduation.
Concurrent enrollment in any course offered by University Extension or at any other institution is permitted only with prior approval of the Dean of the college.
Thirty-five of the final 45 units completed by each student prior to receiving the Baccalaureate Degree must be earned in residence. The minimum residence at the University of California required for a degree is three quarters. One of these may be completed in the summer session on the Riverside campus provided the student carries at least 8 units in a six-week summer session or 12 in an eight-week summer session, unless a reduced load is approved by the Dean of the college. Courses completed in University Extension are not considered work in residence.
Each student must declare candidacy for the Bachelor's Degree with the Dean's office at the beginning of the senior year and again at the beginning of the final quarter.
Honors with the Bachelor's Degree are awarded to students who complete with distinction the work of the junior and senior years. Policies are determined by the college committee on honors and scholarships.