This committee consists of twelve elected members. Each member takes office September 1 after his/her election has been reported to the Division (Am 5 Feb 87)(Am 30 May 06)(Am 19 May 15)
The members of this committee are elected as follows: (Am 24 Apr 75)
The membership includes four representatives each from the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, two members from the College of Engineering, one member from the School of Business or the Graduate School of Education and one member from the School of Medicine or the School of Public Policy. No more than one member of any one department or program may be on the committee. (Am 24 Apr 75)(Am 25 May 95)(Am 30 May 06)(Am 19 May 15)(Ed 29 Mar 23)
Each member is elected each year to serve for three years. No member is eligible for immediate reelection but becomes eligible after one year of nonservice. Either three members or four members are elected each year, on a rotating basis.(Am 24 Apr 75) (Am 25 May 95)(Am 30 May 06)
The election of a college representative is conducted entirely within the Faculty which he/she represents. Elections are conducted according to the procedure described in Chapter 7 and are held in time to be reported to the Division for confirmation at its last stated meeting of the academic year. (Am 24 Apr 75)
Whenever the Committee on Committees determines that a vacancy of more than 6 months exists in its membership, it so reports to the Secretary-Parliamentarian of the Division, who immediately issues to the members of the Division or to the members of the appropriate Faculty a notice of election for the purpose of filling the vacancy for the remainder of the term. If a person so elected serves for a period of one year or less, the provisions of with regard to immediate reelection do not apply and he/she is eligible for reelection. If he/she is elected for a period of more than one year, the provisions of apply. A vacancy shall be determined to exist and the committee member considered to have resigned if he/she anticipates an absence from the committee of more than six calendar months. Vacancies of six calendar months or less are filled temporarily by appointment by the Committee on Committees. Such an appointment shall be made from the same college or school as that of the member being temporarily replaced. (Am 24 Jan 80)
During his tenure on the Committee on Committees, a member shall not hold membership on any other standing committee of the Division except the Executive Council, the Committee on Distinguished Teaching, the Committee on Faculty Research Lecturer, or the Faculty of a college, school, or division at Riverside. This restriction shall not apply to temporary appointments under (Am 21 Feb 80)(Am 20 Nov 07)
The committee elects its own Chair and secretary, and makes its own rules of procedure, consistent with the bylaws and regulations of the Academic Senate. It is the duty of the committee to appoint members not ex officio of each standing committee of the Division, except the Committee on Committees, and to designate the Chair of each. It also appoints one of its members to serve as the Division's member on the University Committee on Committees. The committee has the power to receive and to act upon resignations, to decide when vacancies occur, and to make appointments to fill vacancies in the Division's standing committees, other than the Committee on Committees, and vacancies among the Division's representatives to the Assembly of the Academic Senate. It shall report such appointments at the next regular meeting of the Division; and unless objection be made and an election called for by a majority vote of those present, the appointment shall stand. A member appointed to fill a vacancy takes office at once and serves for the full remaining term or lesser length as designated, unless his appointment is rejected by the Division and another person elected. (Am 7 Dec 71)
When a member of a standing committee other than the Committee on Committees goes on a leave of less than one academic year in duration, the committee shall appoint a member of the Division to fill the temporary vacancy. (En 7 Dec 71)
The committee appoints members of special committees unless the Division gives other directions at the time of the creation of such a committee. Such appointments do not require approval of the Division but are reported at the next regular meeting.
The committee shall annually appoint a grievance consultation panel to consist of at least 5 former members of the divisional committee on Privilege and Tenure or the Committee on Charges. In accordance with Bylaw 335(B)(1), any one of the members of this panel shall be available, upon request of any Senate member, to give advice on the relief open to him/her in case of a grievance, and discuss with the aggrieved Senate member his/her claim of violation of rights or privileges, and counsel him/her on the appropriate procedures to be followed. Such member shall not serve as representative of any complainant in a subsequent pre-hearing or formal hearing. (En 3 Feb 83)(Am 30 May 06)
This committee or a committee appointed by it serves as a properly constituted advisory committee of the Division to advise the Chancellor concerning the appointment of Deans or other officers of equivalent rank.* *Legislative Ruling 6 May 65: Officers of Equivalent Rank--It is the intent of this By-Law that the phrase "officers of equivalent rank" includes on this campus such officers as the vice Chancellors for Academic Affairs, Student Affairs and Research.