02.05 -

A student who wishes to have the privilege of examination for degree credit must be in residence and in good academic standing. (En 4 Dec 2018)
A student may take examinations for degree credit in courses offered in the School, without formally enrolling in them with the exception of English composition courses. (En 4 Dec 2018)
Arrangements for examinations for degree credit must be made in advance with the Chair of the student's program of the school and (where the student's major department requires it) with the student's academic advisor. The approval of the Chair of the student's program, the instructor who is appointed to give the examination, and the academic advisor (where required by the major department) are necessary before the examination may be given. (En 4 Dec 2018)
The results of all examinations for degree credit, either with grades or with a satisfactory/no credit report, are entered upon the student's record in the same manner as they are entered in regular courses of instruction. (En 4 Dec 2018)