Information Technology

Information Technology (En 6 Oct 70) (Am 5 Feb 98) (Am 14 Oct 2013)(Am 23 Feb 16) (Am 24 May 22)
Purpose: The Committee on Information Technology advises the Division, Chancellor and President in accordance with the Standing Orders of the Regents on all matters relating to academic computing and information technology. (Am 9 Feb 89)(Am 5 Feb 98)(Am 30 May 06)(Am 14 Oct 13)(Am 23 Feb 16)(Am 24 May 22)
Membership: This committee consists of at least six members, including a Chair, appointed by Committee on Committees. The Associate Vice Chancellor and Chief Information Officer will serve as ex officio non-voting members. The Chair of the committee normally serve on the University Committee on Academic Computing and Communications. (AM 19 Nov 81)(AM 2 Feb 98) (AM 9 Jan 73) (Am 14 Oct 13)(AM 23 Feb 16)(Am 24 May 22)
Duties: It is the duty of this Committee to: (AM 14 Oct 13)(Am 23 Feb 16)
Review use of and recommend ways to improve the functioning of the campus Computing and Communications to meet Faculty and student needs. (Am 5 Feb 98) (Am 14 Oct 13)(Am 23 Feb 16)(Am 24 May 22)
Recommend ways to improve education in the use of computers, information, and campus instructional technology; (Am 5 Feb 98) (Am 14 Oct 13)(Am 23 Feb 16)
Assess the state of campus instructional technology support and participate in long range planning to meet future needs; the committee may also initiate studies and generate recommendations to the division and the administration on the better use of campus library and technology resources. (Am 14 Oct 13)(Am 23 Feb 16)
Subject to fund availability, this committee will solicit and rank requests for grants for supporting and expanding the use of computing and information technology in research and instruction; (En 9 Feb 89) (Am 3 Feb 00) (Am 21 Feb 2012) (Am 14 Oct 13)(Am 23 Feb 16)