A major shall consist of no fewer than 36 and no more than 72 upper-division units. (En 4 Dec 2018)
Candidates for the B.A. degree may not receive more than 80 units of credit toward the degree for work taken in the major discipline (i.e., students must take at least 100 units outside the major discipline) (En 4 Dec 2018)
A student may elect a second (or third) major in a department or program of another college. In such cases, the student must complete all course requirements for each of the two (or three) majors chosen and must complete a minimum of 36 upper division units (BA degree) or 40 upper division units (BS degree) in each of the chosen areas. Up to 8 units in courses acceptable for the two (or three) majors may be counted toward the 40 upper division units required for each major. Where the multiple major offers the same degree and includes departments or programs in more than one college or school, students will be expected to satisfy the college/school requirements of the college/school of their choice. If the multiple majors include different degrees, the college/school breadth requirements for each degree designation must be satisfied. If the multiple majors lead to different degrees (BA and BS) it will be noted on the transcript. A declaration of two (or three) majors requires the approval of the Dean of the student's program of the colleges/school concerned and filed by the students with their chosen college/school. (En 4 Dec 2018)
All courses in the major must be completed in regular or summer session at UCR. Exceptions to this policy must have the approval of the student's program Chair. (En 4 Dec 2018)
A student may transfer from one major to another by filing a change of major petition which requires the approval of the academic advisor and Chair of the student's program. (En 4 Dec 2018)
Transfer students must complete a minimum of 16 upper-division units in their major on the Riverside campus for the bachelor's degree. (En 4 Dec 2018)
A grade point average of at least 2.00 in upper division courses taken in the field of the major is required for graduation. (En 4 Dec 2018)