Transfer of Units and Backdating
Petitions for transferring credit will be considered only when the work is necessary to fulfill degree requirements. Units cannot be transferred from a program from which the student received a degree. All potential transfer work must have been completed with a minimum grade of B. (En 8 June 16)
Transfer from another UC - All potential transfer work must have been completed in graduate standing. Transfer units from another UC may be counted for up to one-half of the total units required for the UCR master's degree. Students receive both units and grade points at UCR for transfer work from another UC.
Transfer from an Outside Institution - All potential transfer work must have been completed in graduate standing. A maximum of 8-quarter units from institutions outside of UC may be counted toward the master's degree at UCR. These units may not be used to reduce the minimum number of graduate level units required (24 units for thesis plan and 18 units for comprehensive exam plan are required) Unit credit only is posted on the UCR transcript, no grades
Transfer from UCR Extension - Students may transfer up to 8-units of UCR Extension concurrent enrollment credit. Students must have taken these units before their enrollment as a graduate student. Matriculated graduate students (including students on Leave of Absence) may not enroll in course work through UCR Extension without the Graduate Dean's approval. Graduate students who withdraw before completing their program objectives may then take courses through UCR Extension, but are required to wait one year before applying those courses to their degrees. Grades from UCR Extension will be recorded on UCR transcripts. If a student transfers 8-units from UCR Extension, they are eligible to transfer an additional 8-units from an outside institution.
Summer Sessions Units - Students may apply summer session course work from another UC campus toward their graduate degree requirements if they have prior approval of their department and the Graduate Dean.
Backdating Units from Undergraduate - UCR graduate students may use, with the approval of their Graduate Advisor, any relevant 200-level course(s) taken during a UCR bachelor's program toward a graduate degree at UCR, excluding any 200-level course(s) approved to count for bachelor's degree, unit, or GPA requirements. Alternatively, the Graduate Advisor may approve waiving degree requirements based on 200-level courses taken as a UCR undergraduate and require the student to complete minimum unit requirements while enrolled in a graduate program. (En 8 June 16)