Educational Policy

Educational Policy
This committee consists of fifteen members including a Chair, a vice Chair, and a member of the Committee on Courses designated by the Committee on Committees. The membership shall include a representative from each of the Colleges. The Committee on Committees will make every attempt also to include representation from each of the Professional Schools. One member of the committee shall serve on the University Committee on Educational Policy. (Am 22 May 86)(Am 10 Jun 91)(Am 30 May 06)(Am 26 Nov 13)(Am 24 May 16)
It is the duty of the committee to consider and report upon such matters of educational policy which may be referred to it by the President, the Chancellor, the Division, or by any committee of the Division. The committee has power to review the educational policy and curricula of all colleges, schools, and University Extension. It is authorized to initiate such studies and to make such reports to the President, the Chancellor, the Division, or University committees as it deems appropriate upon the establishment and disestablishment of curricula, colleges, schools, institutes, departments, bureaus, and the like, and upon legislation or administrative policies of a fundamental character involving questions of educational policy.
The Committee will develop policies for the implementation of campus graduation requirements, including specification of courses or other methods by which requirements may be satisfied. The committee will report such policies to the Division. (En 29 Nov 79)
The committee may take the initiative in recommending innovative programs to the administration and the Division. (En 5 Jun 75)
The committee will establish the procedures for and the sequence of undergraduate program reviews. (En 10 Jun 91)
The committee will periodically initiate reviews of broader undergraduate issues such as freshmen experience, advising, size of classes, seminars, and other critical features related to excellence in undergraduate education at UCR. (En 10 Jun 91)