Scholarships and Honors

Scholarships and Honors (En 5 Nov 87)
This committee consists of eight members of the Division; one undergraduate student representative, who shall not have the right to vote; Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, ex officio, who shall not have the right to vote, and the Director of Financial Aid, ex officio, who shall not have the right to vote. (Am 4 Feb 88) (Am 20 Feb 03) (Am 21 Feb 2012)
It is the duty of this committee to:
Recommend to the President, through the Chancellor, the awarding of undergraduate scholarships, including Regents' scholarships and other competitive awards, according to the terms established by the Regents and the various foundations, subject to such conditions as the Division and the Committee on Scholarships and Honors may prescribe;
Determine general policy on the award of prizes, unless otherwise provided for, and supervise the award of prizes to students on the Riverside campus, with a view to avoiding the duplication of awards;
Establish minimum standards for undergraduate honors and honors awarded at graduation, inform colleges and schools about their obligations in these matters, and subsequently determine whether these obligations have been fulfilled*; *See Chapter 3 of Appendix for Divisional criteria for Dean's honor list and honors at graduation.
Report to the Division annually, on deliberations and recommendations of the committee. (Am 21 Feb. 2012)