Divisional Representatives to the Assembly.

Divisional Representatives to the Assembly. The number of the Divisional Representatives to the Assembly of the Academic Senate is established by the Academic Council. The Divisional Representatives are elected for two-year staggered terms, and are chosen from other than the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Deans, and ex officio members of the Division. If a representative is unable to complete the term of office, the Committee on Committees shall appoint a member of the Division who holds no other offices to fill the unexpired term pro tempore. The Representative pro tempore shall serve out the unexpired term, unless that unexpired term is longer than three months. If it is longer, the Secretary-Parliamentarian shall conduct an election for the unexpired term so that the Representative pro tempore serves no longer than three months. The result of this election shall be reported to the members of the Division as soon as it is known. (Am 22 Oct 73) (Am 24 May 2005)
No one shall serve as a Divisional Representative for more than two consecutive terms, but shall become eligible to serve again after lapse of two years following expiration of the second consecutive term. (Am 24 May 2005)
The Divisional Representatives shall represent the Division in the Assembly of the Academic Senate. They shall report to the Division at its meetings on all matters of business of the Assembly. (Am 24 May 2005)
In the event that any elected Divisional Representative is unable to attend a meeting of the Assembly, the Chair of the Division is authorized to designate an individual to attend that meeting and vote as an alternate to the absent representative. (En 24 Jan 80) (Am 24 May 2005)