Undergradute Admissions Committee

Undergraduate Admissions Committee (En 5 Jun 75) (Am 19 May 09)
The Committee consists of seven members of the Division, one of whom shall be the Chair; one Divisional representative to the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools; one undergraduate student representative, who shall not have the right to vote; and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services, ex officio, or his/her designee. The Chair can also serve as the Division representative in addition to his or her Chair duties. (Am 5 Nov 87)(Am 18 Nov 03) (Am 19 May 09) (Am 28 May 13)(Am 26 June 17)
It is the duty of the Undergraduate Admissions Committee to: (Am 19 May 09)
Advise the Division and the administration on matters having to do with admissions and enrollment on the Riverside campus. These matters, which are the primary concern of the Undergraduate Admissions Committee, include but are not limited to: recruitment and outreach; special action admissions; articulation with community colleges; and relations with high schools and community colleges. (Am 5 Nov 87)(Am 19 May 09)