Prepartory Education

Preparatory Education (En 30 May 85)(Am 27 May 93)
This committee consists of ten members including one member each from the English and Mathematics departments, three members from other departments, schools, or programs, the Divisional representative to the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools, ex officio, the director of Entry Level Writing, ex officio, the associate Dean-- student affairs of the College of Engineering, ex officio, the associate Dean--student affairs of the College of Humanities and Social Sciences, ex officio, and the associate Dean--academic affairs of the College of Natural and Agricultural Sciences, ex officio. An ex officio member may not serve as Chair. The Chair normally also serves on the University Committee on Preparatory Education. (Am 5 Nov 87)(Ed 30 Jun 91)(Am 25 May 95)(Ed 25 May 00)(Ed 22 Nov 05)(Am 19 May 15)(Am 24 May 16)
It is the duty of this committee to:
Monitor academic aspects of preparatory and remedial education, including the requirements in Entry Level Writing, Mathematics, and History and Institutions;(Ed 22 Nov 05)
Conduct periodic reviews and evaluations of preparatory and remedial education including evaluations of the appropriateness of qualifier courses;
Initiate proposals to establish, evaluate and terminate preparatory and remedial education programs;
Supervise the implementation of Senate Regulations 636 and 761 for the Division;
Report on preparatory and remedial education to the Division and to other Senate agencies including the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools.