University Extension

University Extension
This committee consists of six members. (Am 9 Jan 73)(Am 20 Nov 85)(Am 28 May 98)
It is the duty of this committee to:
Advise the Chancellor and the director of University Extension on matters referred by them to the committee;
Initiate recommendations to the Chancellor and the director of University Extension concerning the function and the educational and related budgetary and personnel policies of University Extension;
Review the annual report of the director of University Extension and submit an annual report and such interim special reports as seem advisable to the Division;
Advise the director of University Extension and the departments, colleges, and Graduate Division with respect to:
Establishment, continuance, and discontinuance of Extension programs;
Criteria for appointment and retention of Extension teaching staff;
Policy concerning acceptance of financial support for Extension programs from sources outside the University;
Establishment of requirements for admission to Extension courses yielding credit toward an academic degree;
Coordination of the relations of University Extension with the Division;
Recommend and supervise all University Extension courses in the Division yielding credit; in discharging this responsibility the Committee on University Extension presents its recommendations on all courses numbered below 300 to the Committee on Courses for review and approval (read Bylaw 8.10.2), but the committee is empowered to give final approval to all University Extension courses above the 200 series, provided that it reports all such action taken to the Division at least once each quarter.