Faculties of the Riverside Division

Faculties of the Riverside Division
The government and supervision of any college or school established by the Regents on the Riverside campus is vested in the Faculty of that college or school, and such Faculty is a committee of the Riverside Division, to which it is directly responsible. This provision shall not cover matters of student discipline. This bylaw does not apply to the rules established by the Graduate Council respecting graduate study and higher degrees. No change in the curriculum of any college or school shall be made by any legislative agency of the Division until the proposed change has been submitted to the formal consideration of the Faculty concerned.
The faculties of the colleges and schools at Riverside consist of: (1) the President of the University; (2) the Chancellor; (3) the Executive Vice Chancellor; (4) the Dean of the college or school; (5) all members of the Academic Senate who are members of departments assigned to the college or school; and such members of the Division as may be specified by the bylaws of the college or school concerned. Only voting members of the Academic Senate are eligible to vote in the Faculty of which they are members.
Subject to such provisions as appear elsewhere in these bylaws, each Faculty has authority to organize, to select its own officers and committees, and for the conduct of its business and matters of instruction leading to the Bachelor's Degree to adopt rules and regulations consistent with the bylaws and regulations of the Academic Senate and the Riverside Division. The election of these officers and the balloting of measures by each Faculty shall be conducted according to the election procedures stipulated in Chapter 7. The Dean of the college or school is an ex officio member of the Executive Committee of the Faculty but he/she is not eligible to serve as Chair of the Faculty, except in faculties of colleges and schools which are substantially coincident with departments of the same name. The Chair of the Faculty and the members of the Executive Committee are elected by the faculty. Each Faculty will determine the manner by which the Chair of the Executive Committee is to be chosen. (Am 24 Jan 74)
Each Faculty is authorized to recommend to the Division amendments to legislation of the Academic Senate or of the Division, to make other recommendations to the Division or to the Assembly, and to delegate portions of its authority to its committees or executive officers. The Division or the Assembly may impose specific duties on a faculty.
The executive or other appropriate committee and the Dean or other appropriate academic administrative officer of each of the colleges and schools, and of the Graduate Division, under the jurisdiction of the Riverside Division shall act finally for the Riverside Division (a) in the award of all degrees and certificates to students of the college, school or Graduate Division concerned, in all cases that do not involve the suspension of a regulation or that involve only minor adjustments in the curriculum, and (b) in the award of honors at graduation. They are likewise empowered to act on petitions of their students for graduation under suspension of the regulations and shall report all degrees approved to the Riverside Division.