Executive Office.

Executive Office. The Executive Office of the Division is under the general supervision of the Chair.It includes such analytical, administrative, and clerical employees as are made available to the Division and its committees. (Am 22 Oct 73) (Am 24 May 2005)(Am 20 Nov 07)
The Executive Office of the Division shall: (1) be the depository of all records of the Division; (2) maintain current files of all reports of standing and special committees submitted to the Division; (3) as far as possible, provide analytical, administrative, and clerical assistance required by standing and special committees; (4) assist in the preparation and distribution of calls and minutes for meetings of the Division, reports of committees, questionnaires, and other materials required in the work of the Division and its committees; (5) maintain complete files of minutes, reports, and agenda of all Divisional committees and of other Senate agencies; (6) establish and maintain files showing (a) current membership of the Riverside Division; (b) Senate and college committee service of each member of the Division; and (c) current membership of all standing and special committees of the Division; (7) generally assist the officers of the Division in the discharge of their duties. (Am 24 May 2005)
All records of the Executive Office, except those concerning matters not to be reported directly to the Division and for good cause held confidential, are open for inspection by any member of the Division (Am 24 May 2005)