Regular Meeting.

Regular Meeting. The order of business at regular meetings is: ( 1) Minutes ( 2) Announcements by the President ( 3) Announcements by the Chancellor at Riverside ( 4) Announcements by Vice Chancellors ( 5) Announcements by Deans or other Executive Officers ( 6) Announcements by the Chair ( 7) Special Orders ( 8) Report of the Representative to the Assembly ( 9) Reports of Special Committees (10) Reports of Standing Committees and Faculties (11) Petitions of Students (12) Unfinished Business (13) University and Faculty Welfare (14) New Business (Am 24 May 2005)
Suspension of Order. The regular order of business may be suspended at any meeting by a two-thirds vote of the voting members present. (Am 24 May 2005)
Consent Calendar. Agenda items deemed non-controversial may be placed by the Chair of the Division on a Consent Calendar under Special Orders. Approval of all items on the Consent Calendar requires a single unanimous vote. At the request of any member of the Division, any such item must be withdrawn and considered in its regular order on the agenda. (En 9 Oct 69) (Am 24 May 2005)
Reports of Committees. Reports of committees "to be received and placed on file" are received as presented and require no further action. Consideration to adopt all or part of a received report, or implement recommendations therein, subject to restrictions of 6.2 must be initiated by a motion in the manner of any main question, and a majority vote of the members present is required for approval. (En 23 Apr 74) (Am 24 May 2005)