Elections. The procedure for election is as follows: (Am 24 May 2005)
Time of election. Each election, other than those required to replace someone who has resigned, shall be completed in time for the results to be reported at or before the last Division meeting in the academic year during which the election was held. (Am 24 May 2005)
Notice of election. Not less than thirty calendar days prior to the date of election, the Secretary-Parliamentarian shall provide to each member of the Division or of the Faculty in question a notice of election. (Am 24 May 2005)
Nomination. It is the privilege of any five members of the Division or of the Faculty in question to nominate candidates. Nominations must be filed with the Secretary-Parliamentarian not later than ten calendar days from the receipt of the notice of election and must contain certification of acceptance by the nominee or nominees. If no valid nominations are received within ten days, the Chair of the Division or of the appropriate Faculty may direct the Secretary-Parliamentarian to issue a second call for nominations, or, in lieu of a second call for nominations, may receive nominations from the floor at the next regular meeting. (Am 7 Oct 76) (Am 24 May 2005)
Ballots. Not less than ten calendar days before the date of the election, the Secretary-Parliamentarian shall transmit to the members of the Division or of the Faculty in question an alphabetically ordered ballot listing those persons who have been nominated and notify the voters to submit the ballot by the date of the election. (Am 24 May 2005)
Mail Ballots. If the election is by mail ballot, each voter shall receive a plain white envelope for enclosing the marked ballot and a second envelope addressed to the Secretary-Parliamentarian to be used for the return of the sealed ballot. The envelope addressed to the Secretary-Parliamentarian must have a space for the signature of the voter, and ballots lacking this validating signature are void. (Am 24 May 2005)
Electronic Ballots. If the election is by electronic means, each voter shall receive access to a secure voting system maintained by the Senate Executive Office. Appropriate security measures shall be taken to ensure that (1) voters can enter only a single vote; (2) it is impossible to learn how anyone voted: (3) once a vote has been cast, neither the voter nor anyone with access to the system will be able to change the vote; (4) the results cannot be accessed until after the date of the election. (Am 24 May 2005)
Additional Balloting. If the necessity of a second ballot arises, the Secretary-Parliamentarian, using the general provisions stated above, shall transmit that ballot within five calendar days of determination of the results of the first ballot. This second ballot shall contain a statement of the date by which it must be submitted to the Secretary-Parliamentarian, this date being ten days after it has been transmitted. (Am 24 May 2005)
Counting the Ballots. The Secretary-Parliamentarian shall supervise the counting of ballots by the Executive Office of the Division within ten calendar days after the date of the election and shall announce the results of the election at the next meeting of the Division. (Am 24 May 2005)
Number of Votes Required. Candidates receiving the highest number of votes shall be declared elected, except in the following instances: (1) in an election for a single office in which the plurality candidates are tied, a runoff election shall be conducted, and (2) in an election for more than one office in which there is a tie among the highest plurality candidates, a runoff election shall be held between the highest tied candidates. (Am 2 Jun 83) (Am 24 May 2005)
Balloting in the Event of Single Nominees. In case there are no more nominees than vacancies, the ballot described in Bylaw 7.2.4 is omitted, and the Secretary-Parliamentarian presents the facts to the Division or the appropriate Faculty at its next regular meeting. The Division or Faculty may then authorize the Secretary-Parliamentarian to cast a single ballot for the nominee or nominees or may conduct an election by ballot between persons already nominated and persons nominated from the floor. Faculties are not required to meet solely for the purpose of holding an election. Instead, the persons nominated shall be declared elected until the next regular meeting occurs, when their election may be confirmed or other persons nominated from the floor may be elected. (Am 24 May 2005)