07.03 - Ballots on Measures.

Ballots on Measures. The procedure for ballots on measures is as follows: (Am 24 May 2005)
If in a meeting of the Division or a Faculty a measure is put to mail or electronic ballot, within ten calendar days after the meeting the Secretary-Parliamentarian shall prepare and mail or provide electronically to each voter a ballot containing all appropriate texts and a brief summary of such arguments as have been submitted within five calendar days after the meeting. The ballot will also specify the time and place for counting the ballots, so that any member of the Division shall be able to attend and observe. The voting shall be conducted as described in Bylaws or All ballots received within fourteen calendar days of the start of voting shall be counted by the Secretary-Parliamentarian with the assistance of the Executive Office within thirty days of instruction of the meeting. The Secretary-Parliamentarian shall announce the number of votes cast for and against the measure, as well as the number of invalid votes, at the next meeting of the Division, or earlier if so instructed. Should any calendar day deadline fall on a weekend or holiday, the deadline shall be extended to the next day that the university is open.(Am 24 May 2005)(Am 5 Mar 2010)