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There shall be an Executive Committee consisting of the Chair of the Faculty [ as provided in bylaw 2.1.1] and elected members of the faculty [as provided in bylaw HS 4.4.1].The Executive Committee elects the Secretary-Parliamentarian of the Faculty from among its membership on a yearly basis [as provided in AM 26 May 88]. The Dean of the college and the associate Dean of student affairs serve in non-voting ex officio roles, and may not hold leadership positions within the Committee. The committee also includes non-voting student representatives [ as provided in bylaws HS].(Am 4 Nov 82)(Am 26 May 88)(Am 27 May 16)
There shall be a separate standing committee for each non-departmental program. These committees supervise and administer the nondepartmental programs approved by the Faculty. The Executive Committee will appoint each committee. When committees are concerned with graduate as well as undergraduate curricula, the selection of members shall be made in consultation with the Graduate Council. (Am 27 Jan 76)
The Executive Committee has the power to appoint special committees as needed.