03.02.04 - Foreign Language (Bachelor of Science Degree)

Foreign Language (Bachelor of Science Degree): The Foreign Language Requirement (except for Foreign Language majors who satisfy the spirit of the language requirement by majoring in one or more languages) may be satisfied in two ways: (Am 24 May 90)(renumbered 7 Feb 91)(renumbered from 3.02.06 on 7 Nov 91) (Am 25 May 00)
(1) By completing the third-quarter level or its equivalent in one language at UCR or at another college or university with a minimum grade of C; (renumbered from on 7 Feb 91)
(2) By demonstrating proficiency at the third-quarter level on a foreign language placement exam offered by one of the foreign language departments at UCR. This test does not yield unit credit; it only determines whether the Foreign Language Requirement has been met, or in which course in the language sequence a student should enroll. (Am 24 May 90)(Am 7 Nov 91 & renumbered from
For majors shared between the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and other schools or colleges the number of quarters required to fulfill the B.S. Degree will be determined by a committee appointed by the Executive Committees of the College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences and the concerned school or college. In no instance will this requirement be less than the minimum required by either body. (En 6 Nov 86)(renumbered 7 Feb 91)(renumbered from on 7 Nov 91)(renumbered from on 9 Nov 95) (renumbered from 3.02.06 on 24 Feb 00) (Am 25 May 00)