02.07 -

Enrollment on a Satisfactory/No Credit Basis
An undergraduate student in good academic standing may receive credit for courses undertaken and graded "S" on the Riverside campus to a limit of one third of the total units undertaken and passed on the Riverside campus at the time the degree is awarded. This same limitation applies to courses that are only graded Satisfactory/No Credit. Units completed on another campus of the University by a Riverside undergraduate enrolled as an intercampus visitor are considered Riverside work for the purposes of this regulation. (Am 25 May 00)
Courses which are required in, or prerequisite to the undergraduate student's major subject may not be taken on a Satisfactory/No Credit basis unless approved by the Chair of the student's major department. (Am 25 May 00)
Limited status or special status students may take courses on a Satisfactory/No Credit basis only with the approval of the Associate Dean of the school or college in which they are enrolled. (Am 25 May 00)
Units earned on a Satisfactory/No Credit basis will be counted in satisfaction of degree requirements, but such courses will be disregarded in determining the student's grade point average. (Am 25 May 00)
Students are permitted to add Satisfactory/No Credit their schedule of classes or delete Satisfactory/No Credit from their schedule of classes until the end of the eighth week of instruction. (Am 26 May 88)(Ed June 91) (Am 25 May 00)