General Provisions

General Provisions
Divisional committees, including faculties, normally report to the Division but have the right to report concurrently to the Assembly whenever the University Committee on Rules and Jurisdiction determines that the Assembly is the more appropriate agency to receive the report. If additional duties are imposed on any committee by order of the Regents, the president, or the Chancellor at Riverside, the committee, in the exercise of such additional duties, is answerable only to the authority imposing such duties. But if the committee desires the approval of its action in any such additional functions, or advice in executing them, it is proper for it to communicate thereon to the Division.
Annual reports of standing committees of the Division (with the exception of the Committee on Academic Personnel and Committee on Planning and Budget) constitute a special order for the Spring meeting of the Division in each academic year. The Annual Report of the Committee on Academic Personnel and Committee on Planning and Budget shall constitute a special order for the first regularly scheduled Division meeting in each academic year. In preparing these reports committee Chairs should consult past minutes or previous Chairs to make certain that their committee's report gives a complete account of all business transacted by the committee during the twelve months since the previous annual report was prepared. See 4.1.3 for procedure for receipt of reports. (Am 23 Apr 74)(Am 9 Feb 89)(Am 6 Feb 92)(Am 21 Feb 02)
The annual reports of faculties of the Division shall be presented (see 4.1.3) at the first meeting of the Division in each academic year. (En 23 Apr 74)
No special committee shall be established to perform any duty assigned by these bylaws to a standing committee.
Each standing or ad hoc committee of the Academic Senate shall annually consider the impact of conflict of interest considerations on the ability of that committee to conduct its business with the highest possible degree of credibility. To this end, each Academic Senate committee shall place on file each year as the first item of business of that committee procedures by which conflict of interest concerns will be mitigated. These procedures will be submitted to the Executive Council within 30 days of their adoption. For these purposes, "conflict of interest" is taken to refer to those situations in which personal affiliations of individual committee members with departments or programs or with individuals bringing business before the committee might be interpreted as a source of bias in committee deliberations. (En 22 May 86)(Am 20 Nov 07)