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There is an Executive Committee consisting of the Chair of the Faculty, ex officio; the Dean of the college, ex officio; the Divisional Dean of Student Academic Affairs (or equivalent title), ex officio; any other Divisional Dean of CNAS, ex officio; thirteen members of the Faculty as provided in N4.1.1.; and student representatives as provided in N4.1.1.4. Student representatives and all Divisional Deans of CNAS, except the Divisional Dean of Student Academic Affairs, are advisory (nonvoting) members. An elected member of the executive committee is not eligible for immediate reelection unless he/she has completed a term of fewer than 18 months. Eligibility is reestablished after one year of non-service with the exception that the Chair of the Faculty is immediately eligible at the end of their term.The Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary-Parliamentarian of the Faculty occupy corresponding offices in the Executive Committee. (Am 3 Feb 83)(Am 27 May 93)(Am 18 Nov 03)(Am 30 May 06)(Am 30 Nov.10)(Am 5 Dec 2017)
(Deleted 5 Dec 2017)
There is a standing committee on Honors and Scholarships consisting of no fewer than three members of the Faculty. Each academic year, the Executive Committee will appoint the chair of this committee, who will then appoint two (or more) additional members to serve for the duration of that year. The duties of the committee are to evaluate all applications for fellowships and scholarships awarded through the College, provide recommendations on who should receive these awards and suggest any changes that will improve these programs. (Am 27 May 93) (Am 29 Nov. 2011) (Am 5 Dec 2017)
(Deleted 27 May 93)