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Certificate of Postdoctoral Study (En 24 Nov 70)
Certificate. The Academic Senate authorizes the several schools and colleges and the Graduate Division to issue a certificate of postdoctoral study to persons who have been enrolled as postdoctoral fellows in order to pursue a program of independent study within any research unit or department of the University of California, Riverside. Award of this certificate will not entitle a recipient to claim credit toward any graduate degree.
Requirements for Enrollment as a Postdoctoral Fellow
The applicant must have received a doctoral degree from an institution of high standing, ordinarily within ten years of the date of his/her enrollment.
He/she must meet the qualifications set by research units, departments, schools, or colleges for appointment as a research fellow, postdoctoral trainee, or holder of a title in the research series in a case where that position can be held by an individual truly in a training status. Persons not qualified are visiting scholars with permanent positions at other universities and business executives pursuing special courses in the Graduate School of Management.
Requirements for the Certificate. Satisfactory performance in a proposed program of study and recommendation of the department Chair or head of the research unit with which the postdoctoral fellow was associated.
The form of the certificate of postdoctoral study shall be as follows:
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA GRADUATE DIVISION RIVERSIDE Certificate of Postdoctoral Study ______________________________________________________________________ (Name) has satisfactorily engaged in postdoctoral studies in the field(s) of_________________ ________________________________ on the Riverside campus of the University, covering a period of _______months, between the dates of_________and__________ Dated _______________ Dean _________________________________ ___________________ Dept. Chair ___________________ Chancellor