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Requirements for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy
Notice of Intended Candidacy. Notice of intention to proceed to candidacy for the Ph.D. Degree is to be given as early as possible in a graduate student's career, preferably by the end of the first term of graduate study, to the Graduate Division through the department or graduate group of his/her major field of study.
Residence Requirement. The minimum residence requirement for the Ph.D. Degree is two years, one of which must be spent in continuous residence at the University of California, Riverside. Graduates of the University or other approved candidates may complete a part of their residence requirement elsewhere, subject to the approval of the Graduate Council. However, no graduate student may be recommended for the Ph.D. Degree except upon completing at least one year of residence at the University of California, Riverside, devoted to such a course of study as the Graduate Council regards as a proper year's work.
Foreign Language Requirement. Each department or graduate group shall determine whether or not a reading knowledge of one or more foreign languages shall form an integral part of the student's preparation for the doctor's degree. Satisfaction of a foreign language requirement shall be demonstrated, subject to approval of the department or graduate group, under one of the following options: (a) written or oral examination administered by the department or graduate group; (b) Educational Testing Service Graduate School Foreign Language Test; (c) satisfactory completion of a course at a specified level. Evidence of satisfaction of the requirement will be provided to the Dean of the Graduate Division for each student where appropriate. (Am 11 Dec 69)
Program of Study. The student's program of study must be approved by the Graduate Council, embrace a field of investigation previously approved by his/her department or graduate group, and extend over the full period of study. However, recommendation for the degree is based on the attainments of the candidate rather than the duration of his/her study. The field of study chosen by the student may lie in one department, except for essential related subjects, or in a combination of departments.
Qualifying Examination, Qualifying Committee, and Advancement to Candidacy.
Upon the student's satisfactory completion of all preliminary requirements set by the department or graduate group of his/her major field of study and by the Graduate Council, including the maintenance of an average of at least three grade points per unit in all upper division and graduate courses related to his doctoral program and elected during his/her residence as a graduate student, the department or graduate group shall nominate a qualifying committee to the Graduate Council for appointment. This committee consists of not fewer than five members, at least one of whom shall be from a department or graduate group other than that of the student's major. The anticipated principal director of the student's research shall normally be a member of the committee.
UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA RIVERSIDE CERTIFICATE OF RESIDENT STUDY (Name) has completed studies in the field(s) of _______________________________on the Riverside campus of the University, covering a period of _________months between the date of ________________________________and_________________________ ____________________________ Dated ______________________________ Chair ______________________________ Dean _______________________________ Chancellor
Before he/she is admitted to candidacy, the student must pass a series of qualifying examinations, both written and oral. The written examination may be administered by the department or graduate group but the oral examination must be conducted and reported to the Dean of the Graduate Division by the student's qualifying committee. The qualifying oral is not open to the general public but members of the Academic Senate may attend.
Upon successful completion of the qualifying examinations, the candidate shall file an application for advancement to candidacy with the Graduate Division. The candidate is advanced to candidacy by the Graduate Council after certification by the Dean of the Graduate Division that the formal requirements have been met.
Dissertation Requirements
A dissertation on a subject chosen by the candidate, bearing on his/her principal study and demonstrating his/her ability to make independent investigation, is required of every candidate for the degree. In its preparation, the candidate is guided by a dissertation committee, nominated by the candidate's department or graduate group to the Graduate Council for appointment. This committee is composed of not fewer than three members. The membership may be the same as the qualifying committee, except that the principal director of the candidate's research shall be Chair of the committee. The committee guides the candidate in his/her research and passes upon the merits of his/her dissertation and may conduct a final or oral examination. (Am 24 May 05)
The dissertation must be prepared and presented in the form and manner prescribed by the Graduate Council.