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Requirements for the Degree of Master of Fine Arts (En 30 May 72)
Program Requirements. A minimum of 54 quarter units of graduate and upper division undergraduate courses in or related to the major subject area are required. At least 18 of the 54 units must be in graduate courses taken at this University. The preparation and presentation of an acceptable creative project, the nature of which is to be determined by the Graduate Council on the recommendation of the major department or group, is required of every candidate for the degree. Provided that these general requirements are met, the student is subject to his/her major department's or group's guidance in the distribution of his/her work among the departments. In addition, the major department or group may require any examination which it deems necessary to test the candidate's knowledge of his field.
Other Requirements. The regulations pertaining to the degree of Master of Arts or Master of Science in regard to requirements for residence, foreign language, scholarship, and advancement to candidacy shall apply to this degree.