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Study List Regulations (En 24 Nov 70)
A study list is a student's choice of courses to be pursued in any quarter.
At the beginning of each quarter every student is required to file with the Graduate Division his/her detailed study list bearing the approval of the graduate adviser.
A student is expected to make normal progress toward his/her credential or Degree objective. The maximum number of quarters in which students may be considered to be full-time is: 8 quarters for elementary and secondary credential students, 10 for special credential students, 7 for Master's students, 9 for M.F.A. students, and 20 for Ph.D. students.
After the study list is filed, a student may request changes in courses by formal petition.
A change in the study list must be approved by the graduate adviser and, in the case of a course to be added or dropped, by the instructor concerned.
Courses may be added to the study list until the end of the third week of instruction. No course may be added after that time without approval of the Graduate Dean.
Courses may be dropped at any time prior to the end of the fifth week of instruction. If the adviser or instructor withholds approval of a petition to drop a course, the student may appeal to the Graduate Dean. In Spring and Summer 2020 and Fall 2021, a graduate student may drop a course before the end of the grade submission deadline and no indication will be entered on the permanent transcript. (COVID-19 Temp Modification 6 April - extended 8 June 2020) (COVID-19 Temp. Modification En 10 June 2020)(COVID-19 Temp. Modification En 26 July 2021)
With approval of the Graduate Dean, students may withdraw from the University at any time prior to the end of instruction.
Any changes in a student's study list not covered by the above regulations must have the approval of the Graduate Dean.
In order to take a course in Directed Studies (290), a student must complete a petition stating the content of the course, the number of units, and the reason he/she needs to take such a course. The petition must have the written approval of the instructor and of the department Chair or graduate adviser, and it must then be filed with the office of the Dean of the Graduate Division. (En 7 Apr 72)